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Disaster Management Degree – An Emerging Career That Bring You to A Brighter Future

October 30, 2009

Earthquakes, hurricanes, killer tornadoes, landslides, floods and forest fires do not include large-routine hazards and emergencies, the emergency management personnel to manage and require successful response to these disasters. Recently years, world community has been challenge with more complex hazards such as Tsunami and terrorist attacks, require well-trained disaster management team to meet the needs of people and areas in a fast and efficient way affected responding.This urgent need for trained disaster management experts have a good career opportunities for those who choose this field as their career path, as created. If you are the one that it should be, disaster management degree of conflict are your choice to equip themselves with a good knowledge of the management of disasters and emergencies answers before you jump start your career.

The Scope of Disaster Management

Disaster management scopeincludes both pre-and post-disaster response to events. The pre-disaster activities include analysis of disaster risks, back up plans or strategies to minimize risk, disaster planning, implementing public education and training as the answer to the crisis when it happens.

In an emergency, disaster management professionals typically are responsible for the activities of local community facilities, government agencies and relief organizations to coordinate, as Hospital and rescue team provides the necessary support and supplies for the victims as quickly as possible.

Planned future career

Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that emergency management specialists average earning is around $ 50K annually. The projected growth in this area from now to year 2012 is expected to be 28.2%, one of the highest growth rates among all other occupations projected. So, if you in a disaster affected> Career Management, is to start is a good opportunity for you now career.

Earn a Disaster Management Degree

They are a strong educational background and practical experience to succeed in this line. There are many universities and colleges offer courses of disaster management that several majors that you cover one that is best able to choose for your career goal, too. If you're a working man, the career of a disaster such as switchesManagement or you already have a stake in this area, but requires an additional level to update your career, online disaster management degree is going well, you should, as you continue with your current job while maintaining your time, a Disaster Management Degree Online.

If you are interested in pursuing your degree online, you can check for related courses from these online universities Search:

Walden University KaplanTouro University International University Grand Canyon University Jacksonville State University

These are among online universities, the courses of Disaster Management Associate cover the Bachelor's and Master's degree Doctor in various majors. You may receive a request to these universities send to a details information about their disaster managementDegree.


Disaster management professionals have a wide range of employment opportunities, and always shown in good demand, as in a high projected growth rate in this area. Therefore, it is a good way to start your career in disaster management, and must qualify for the job with a disaster management degree.

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Knowledge Management – Leadership Behaviours Which Encourage Knowledge-Sharing

October 27, 2009

The concept of knowledge management or knowledge sharing makes intellectual sense to the leadership teams in most organizations. Why will we not learn from our successes and mistakes and implement that learning into value?

However, there is often a gap between conceptual understanding and their own behaviors as leaders – and this can be a problem?
How do you engage leaders both intellectually and emotionally in ways that make aDifference to their day to day behavior? It requires more than a series of competency frameworks!

The following examples are learning from the best-selling Fieldbook "? Practical knowledge management from leading and learning organizations", made written by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell Fly.

Example 1) In BP, known known for his knowledge-sharing culture has developed to strengthen the top management a habit to "learn from others' when they visitedoperational sites.
Imagine the scene: the director or senior VP comes, and given the usual tour of the site. Contact with the management team and review the performance of the company, as measured by the specified KPIs. One of these indicators is not met at present. What happens when they identify the problem?

"Have you thought about the approach X? Addressed performance issue Y? Changed widget Z?"

.. produces a set of behaviors.

"Who else do you have with spoken and on other sites that may have a similar problem? "
.. take an entirely different set of behaviors.

This is the route decided to take BP, too; management visits are opportunities for strengthening the value of learning from others, but as opportunities to their seniority by underscore "the answer".

Example 2) If the directors of energy and essential services company Centrica, met to discuss how to improve > Exchange of knowledge within the company, agreed to a series of practical "management challenges" for executives in the organization:
How can I show in person that "to ask for help is a sign of strength rather than weakness?
When meeting a business problem, how can I reinforce the importance of learning from others – rather than just one answer?
When inspecting a project or investment proposal, I have requested to ensure, that it brings to bear> Knowledge of other projects?
How do I respond when someone does not – it's only a loss to the economy, or is it an investment in education?
View my team failure than anything, learn anything or cover up?

These sorts of questions and challenges brought to life the concept of knowledge management in a tangible, practical ways.

What would work in your company?
If you could question five challenges to your leadership team, what would youchoose?


Chris Collison is a renowned expert in knowledge management and an experienced practitioner in the management and implementation of organizational change from a people perspective.

As a best-selling author, he has presented to the public on business schools and at conferences around the world and is a regular contributor to specialist knowledge management publications. Chris has in collaboration withHeads of State and Government at the highest levels of many public and private organizations, the exchange of practical experience he gained while working in BP's knowledge management team and created his deep understanding of human dynamics of major changes.

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Brand Digital 7: Encourage Discussion

October 26, 2009

Digital Brand Allen Adamson Author Talks 5th October 2009, during a webcast at Thunderbird School of Global Management. … Allen Adamson Landor Brand Digital Thunderbird Marketing Rick Baer Optimizing Social Media Platform

Bhagavad Gita In Tamil – 32 of 64 (

October 17, 2009

of enlightened master Swami Tatwananda, diciple by Swami Chinmayananda. We facilitate learning and experiencing self-realization by improving his knowledge of Vedanta (Science of Life) by practicing philosophy and thought free mind. We are the people who are interested in spiritualism, the knowledge of the different concepts of Hindu philosophies and Hindu culture, Vedas, Upanishads and the scientific concepts of Vedas. We uses objective perception of human problems, …

HR Applications of Job Competency Models

October 14, 2009

There are many possible applications and uses of competency models. Unfortunately, many organizations go, the effort to develop models and use them for a particular purpose and put it on the shelf. Here are some ways in which you can take full advantage of job-competency models. Use this to:

• To select the integration of all HR processes on a common framework to train and reward people.

• Assessment of internal and external candidates with assessment exercises, discussions andInstruments.

• Development of a model for high-performance teams. Selection and training team members, and use for team building.

• Expand the recruitment and succession pool. The models may challenge assumptions about the necessary skills and identify alternative sources of talent

• Retain key employees. Goal of maintaining the top performers. Employees who see opportunities for growth remain extended rather (an impact) morality.

• Redesign jobs. Analysis of the workplaceduring model building to show ineffective job design, as well as suggestions for improvements of focus groups and expert panels.

• Certification of competence levels. Design to develop certification programs and reward skill development.

• Design 360-degree feedback instruments and other development tools.

• Determine staffing of the merged company. Hold down the top performers in key positions.

• Create the Learning Organization. Use models as templates to guide theDevelopment.

Create models faster at lower cost through technology

Competence technology has reached a point where you can now buy software programs for the development of competency models developed. These programs include competency dictionaries, ie lists of competencies have to be used to analyze jobs. Some companies their own tailor-made programs for the same purpose intended. Virtual disks can be carried out resources for panel members from variousgeographical locations. As we get closer to the computerization of all paper transactions and increasing the use of Intranet and Internet, this seems reasonable. The more we use technology to simplify our lives, the better.

However, the process of developing competency models, basically a human process. It requires interviews, collecting and analyzing data to observe the behavior, skillful moderation of a focus group (also known as a panel of experts or resource panel) and the creation of a modelDocument. Verdict, the ability to respond and adapt to situations to explore conflict and resistance, and far too exciting opportunities for improving the performance of a company to increase the benefits of job modeling.

Using automated tools to help in the application of technology to support literacy is a good idea. Employees feel that competency models and development opportunities through a computer terminal access to better informed and more control over their destiny. Just be carefuldoes not say the cart before the horse. Remember GIGO (garbage in, garbage out)? Develop good models and good systems, before computerization. Concentrate initially on practical and will not fit on technical sophistication.

About the Author: Edward J. Cripe with Workitect, Inc., a consulting firm which competency-based human resources tools, programs and systems, with applications for the evaluation and selection, performance management, succession planning and training andDevelopment. Workitect also runs a "Building Competency Models" public workshop. For a free copy of our newsletter, please visit

No Boundaries Knowledge

October 8, 2009

** BSU SCM 435 Project Management ** Instructor: John Maculley Team **: Jaime Willoughby, Shawn Beckman, Chris Woerz, Mark Henderson, George Midbust ** Hypothetical project for GameStop Created for educational purposes and Meet the requirements established by Instructor. This video is in no way reflects the actual opinions, feelings, or projects of GameStop Corporation. ** Date: 5 May 2009

Smart Travel – Online Flight Booking

October 4, 2009

Project Done as part of the Knowledge Discovery and Management Course, Computer Science Department at UMKC. Instructor: Dr. Yugyung Lee … UMKC

Knowledge Management Challenges

October 4, 2009

Contain most of the challenges in knowledge management, especially from the types of knowledge reuse situations and purposes. Knowledge workers can produce knowledge that they reuse the work. However, each knowledge reuse situation may be in relation to the needs and unique. If these are ignored differences between knowledge reuse situations, the organization has several challenges in implementing its> Knowledge management practices. Some of the common challenges that are by these and other factors listed below.

Validate the accuracy of data: valuable raw data that must be generated by a particular group within a company, before they turned into "normal" or consistent content will be.

Data interpretation: information need be derived from one group to be assigned a default context so that they make sense to someone else in the organization.

DataRelevancy: depends on the quality and value of knowledge of relevance. Knowledge that simply lacks relevance increases the complexity, cost and risk for an organization with no compensating benefits. If the data does not support or answer the real question that needs asked by the user, it is the appropriate meta-data (data about data) in the knowledge management solution instead.

Ability of data to support / deny hypotheses: If the data really supportDecision-making? If the knowledge management solution, a statistical or rule-based model for the workflow that is required in which the question?

Adoption of Knowledge Management Solutions: What organizational cultures encourage and support voluntary use of knowledge management solutions?

Knowledge bases are usually very complex and large: If knowledge databases become very large and complex, he writes the Organization in a bind. The organization was able to purge the system of very old files, thus diluting its own knowledge management initiative. Alternatively, it could set a different team in the database clean redundant files, thereby lowering the costs significantly. Apart from these, was the real challenge for a company to oversee several departments, and to ensure that they are responsible for keeping their archives to clean redundant files.

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A Perfect Marriage: ECM Meets Web 2.0

October 4, 2009

To control flexibility, agility and business IT. Join Lance Shaw, group product marketing manager, as he discusses how EMC is meeting the needs of today's knowledge workers, the importance of Web 2.0 in the enterprise, and how EMC Documentum brings it under control for maximum benefit. More information • Labs: Developer • Knowledge Worker Solutions: • Digital Media Solutions: … EMC Documentum "Web 2.0" Social Office SharePointKnowledge …

Discover What You Know

October 4, 2009

Lotus Knowledge Management … IBM Lotus Notes Domino