Knowledge Management Challenges

Contain most of the challenges in knowledge management, especially from the types of knowledge reuse situations and purposes. Knowledge workers can produce knowledge that they reuse the work. However, each knowledge reuse situation may be in relation to the needs and unique. If these are ignored differences between knowledge reuse situations, the organization has several challenges in implementing its> Knowledge management practices. Some of the common challenges that are by these and other factors listed below.

Validate the accuracy of data: valuable raw data that must be generated by a particular group within a company, before they turned into "normal" or consistent content will be.

Data interpretation: information need be derived from one group to be assigned a default context so that they make sense to someone else in the organization.

DataRelevancy: depends on the quality and value of knowledge of relevance. Knowledge that simply lacks relevance increases the complexity, cost and risk for an organization with no compensating benefits. If the data does not support or answer the real question that needs asked by the user, it is the appropriate meta-data (data about data) in the knowledge management solution instead.

Ability of data to support / deny hypotheses: If the data really supportDecision-making? If the knowledge management solution, a statistical or rule-based model for the workflow that is required in which the question?

Adoption of Knowledge Management Solutions: What organizational cultures encourage and support voluntary use of knowledge management solutions?

Knowledge bases are usually very complex and large: If knowledge databases become very large and complex, he writes the Organization in a bind. The organization was able to purge the system of very old files, thus diluting its own knowledge management initiative. Alternatively, it could set a different team in the database clean redundant files, thereby lowering the costs significantly. Apart from these, was the real challenge for a company to oversee several departments, and to ensure that they are responsible for keeping their archives to clean redundant files.

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