Imagination is more important than knowledge?

Albert Einstein was once with the words quoted Imagination is more important than knowledge. Now he has been may be based on the world of physics and advanced math equations on the spiritual realm of the average person. But this statement could certainly be used for the rest of life, good.

Throughout my life I've had the opportunity to work, and for some of the best and brightest people. What I have observed, however, is that not allThey had the vision to match their brains.

As with the creation of an enterprise, it is important not only for help from people you trust and opinion you value. You should also try to advise people with imagination and vision.

I had a business partner, who saw things only once in black and white. Not blue, green and purple … simply black and white. There was no vision for the company could be.

For me it was extremely harmful to our operations, as it alwaysThe company could do anything.

Business is not always about the numbers. Sometimes it is also about how these numbers. And it's always about how your message to the masses. Sometimes it takes unconventional or unorthodox ideas in order to achieve this.

Could be around for a company to provide all the owners are not into what is for them to get out of her college-locked textbooks. If there actually would be no Google, Apple orMySpace.

If this is the case, we would all still be hearing, records and CD's and not iPods.

Starting a business today requires thinkers who can look into the future and thinking – what can ,…. not what was.

This does not mean that you as a business owner, might have to with radical ideas that mean, just look at a simple everyday problem and will be provided with a method to make life easier on this issue. Their solution can even be veryeasy.

The fact that you came with a simple solution to an everyday problem, says a lot about you.

I have a friend who remarked after his wife's ear with a curling iron burn, invented a simple cover for women to keep up their ears. Simple solution to an everyday problem.

Perhaps you are thinking ahead is not even the form of a new product. Maybe it's an idea. Remember the Pet Rock. The idea of something that you can simply dial up in the woods or on the streetsurprised me. But just as the "inventor" of the Pet Rock showed us …. it is possible.

So, 52 years after his death, Albert Einstein is correct than ever …. Imagination is more important than knowledge.


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