As the results of a Knowledge Management System Implementation Action

Like all technology projects, it is very important to have a procedure with which you can measure the success of a project. There are a number of reasons, obviously the first is that nobody really wants to be associated with a bad project. The downside of this is that everyone wants a piece of a successful project, which is good for a career, good for your business and good for the user.

This article provides some tips on how to measure the results of a> Knowledge Management project.

Perform a detailed analysis of the gaps. It is impossible to decide is how successful a project if you did not know what the problem was trying to solve it.
Fairs investigate the use of the knowledge management system, in particular, how people used the internet regularly, and whether they use them again.
Find user opinion, while it is not very scientific, it can be very useful. A high internal case study is angood opportunity to strengthen support for a project.
Record details of what was a department or a process, such as post-installation. Focusing especially on how long it would take to complete a task and show how this will improve knowledge management.
Determine who are the power users and ask for their feedback and contribution. A knowledge management project stands or falls with the users, so they think are involved.

Click on the link to learn more about creatingUK Knowledge Management System. Generate UK, you can use from project initiation requirements, workflow and design through to implementation.


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