6 reasons why companies spend millions on management consultants Car

Consultants can have a negative reputation – Shop 2 million U.S. dollars for 12 weeks of work, which results in stacks of PowerPoint slides, all filed in a dusty cupboard (digital or otherwise) McKBain group shortly after leaving the restaurant.

Below, Ill paint a positive (and realistic) view of the 6 reasons why companies hire consultants. After reading you have a better overview of the management consulting firm, as a future career.

1) Human breast augmentation – theminimum value-added role that consultants offer. Companies often have short-term staffing to cooperate (in the case of the government, this may extend for several years) due to a variety of factors (eg, company downsizing is unplanned growth). While expensive, it is possible for the operational consulting firm (eg Deloitte) is commonplace and, to a lesser extent, public sector consulting firm (eg Booz)

Change 2) External cover aka political force. It can be difficult for companies to do what is right (holyCows and all that jazz), "especially when it comes to cut jobs, cuts in benefits, key operational shifts. Rental business consultant can be a way to get the desired results are dissatisfied with the political backing of major parties (eg disgruntled employees or achieve a dissatisfied board) or things go wrong increase (despite the majority of the costs, we have implemented Mercer's recommendations, "there is little that we could have done better)

3) Best Practices on functions andSector – consultants have the experience:

a) serving various customers in the same industry (eg consumer products, semiconductors) b) serving different customers with similar problems in different industries (eg, eastern enlargement, Central Asia outsourcing)

This allows them a kind of pattern for effective solutions, experience in applying relevant learning situations.

4) Analytical Labor

A logical consequence of human expansion, companies often requireto help the problems, where their knowledge and skillsets are missing address. Consultants can be of great value given their training – an important reason why consulting jobs are hard to find!

5) new perspective

Businesses often need an external point of view – you had to be amazed at the amount of business consultants that can add to the most banal observations. Critics say that such evidence by consultants selling the common sense, but also for front-line workers to seniorExecutives, it easily into the daily routine without falling casting a sharp eye on self improvement.

6) Skill Set the propagation and education

Each consulting project – especially those with heavy client interaction – Staff training takes as a central component. The best recommendations are worthless if people cannot get in the implementation of proposed changes and exit after consulting teams. To teach is a central part of the consultant, what to doClient employees the necessary skills, knowledge and ways of thinking.


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