Stock and Flow Technology in Knowledge Management

The concepts of stock and flow are often used, if it were to knowledge management. The stock of knowledge of the extent of knowledge of an employee (or even an entire organization) and the flow of knowledge would be the amount of knowledge that among people could be transferred, the use of knowledge in the organization of activities.
These concepts – of stock and flow help – to give insight into the matter, because theyalready common to us because other areas that use the same terms. And we have learned in school.

Fundamentals of electronics is a current flowing through an electrical circuit. This flow is tempered by a certain resistance. And for a certain amplitude of the current – in view of the resistance in the network, you need provisioning power: the tension. The resistance of the current and for the same kind of resistance, given the current information service. The flow (current) andthe resistance (bearing) to work in a reciprocal relationship way.

To analyze the stock and flow approach is also a valid way of economic systems. In economics, the cash flow is the (transport) velocity of money. The amount of money down that this velocity of money is defined as the ratio of net national product in current prices to the money supply. " Or V = (P * Q) / M. (http://en.wikipedia. Org / wiki / Quantity_theory_of_money)

In this case, the causal relationship isStock and flow are less transparent than in the electronics.

In knowledge the relationship is perhaps even less transparent …

There, the stock of knowledge about a person (resource is stored) level. Through our life we have built up some knowledge and that is stocked. But for the good of the company of this knowledge is not the most important. If there is anyone in the team, the ability to perform a specific task, but hashesitate to do so, there is no use of this stock (of knowledge).

In parallel with the economy would your organization be able to increase productivity with an increase in the speed of knowledge "(assuming that the stock of knowledge remains the same – you need to increase hiring a permanent staff, not even invite external consultants).

This is only true if there is no inflation. And that would be another matter …

© 2006 Hans Bool


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