Property Management System Evaluation – How to Build Your Team

Help Choosing a strong and diverse evaluation team to select the best tools to execute to the hotel is also the first step to with buy-in at the hotel team. It is important to have your board when a new property management system is selected for your hotel, resort or inn. Everyone in your company from the owners, hotel management companies and managers reception, reservations, sales and home economics department must be involved in investingand committed to the project.

Before beginning the evaluation, it is important that a project manager to be accountable and to see the project from beginning to end call. The purchase of the land management system is the signal that the evaluation process is officially over already.

The project manager is the first person to be elected. This selection can already be identified and possibly a consultant for the job of a manager on the head turnedOffice, a manager at the hotel, someone in service, or someone in the IT department.

At this point it is important to start thinking about the next project, this is the property management system training and implementation is likely to occur several months to a year after the evaluation phase begins. This time line will depend on how complex your business needs are and how much time can the evaluation and purchase process is not dedicated to mention arethe timing of the property management system providers.

Evaluation team members consist of operational managers, the functionality, the focus is their management role, as well as front-line employees who would use the property management software on a daily basis and can be used for the majority of their time. Employees in various positions such as Front Desk Clerk, Reservations Clerk, housekeeping manager or supervisors, sales staff, accounting staff, concierge staffand had staff in the IT department able to offer different perspectives. Consider involving representatives of these bodies in the assessment. Their experience with previous systems and the department processes and their insight into what functionality they need in order to best serve the hotel guests will be very valuable in the construction of your requirements list.

The project manager should the expectations and goals is set, which must be achievedduring the evaluation and this information in written form to the team. Setting expectations and targets will help to keep the evaluation on track. The team needs to understand that although comments and suggestions are appreciated and needed, not everyone wants to meet it. Goal is the best system to select your specific business needs, needs that match, while providing the best education tool for all departments and the economy as a whole. There will be some areas andFunctionality that requires compromises. Sorting of products, the needs, but only those who want, in contrast, is essential in this process. Elements that are determined to be, should be classified as such.

Now is the time to build your team!

Jeff Sefton


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