The Value of Knowledge Management

As the saying goes, "Knowledge is king." This could not be more true today's fast-paced business environment. Knowledge management is a key component in the information age for businesses to assess their intellectual capital, and they turn really innovate and compete with competitors.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is the process that companies use to measure the value of intellectual value to of each employee in the company. Moreover, it is a process that is used to identify and track key criteria for intellectual property in connection with the organization can use to create better services, products, and the value for the shareholders of the company.

The tools for managing information and knowledge between different organizations, but more and more companies are a knowledge manager, the process for stakeholders from business and management. These managers use> Knowledge management systems that track, to save the index information and reference assets from managers and employees. A simple example might be a business manager is looking for a specific product development capabilities. These managers can focus on the knowledge management system and research, with the employees a good fit, or those who may have worked on similar products. This allows companies to quickly make use of internal resources and helpSpur innovation and product development by using the right resources with the right skills for the work at hand.

How does knowledge management to benefit new employees?

The existence of a knowledge management program can significantly speed up the possibility for new employees get up to speed and become productive. Many companies use learning management systems, and wiki to help manage knowledge. In manyCases, the new employee to log on to the intranet and access to these online resources for online training, and knowledge of specific areas to their jobs on the internal Wiki or intranet. Can be managed by this knowledge in an organized form of new people very quickly get up to speed in their new role.

Often, these systems will also have an online organization chart for the new employees to find employees in key positions that they can assist indifferent matters. Tools like these have to be for companies in the information age is invaluable.

How can my company would be based on building a knowledge management system?

Many small to medium sized businesses see the benefits of the creation of knowledge management systems to improve delivery. If you are in the process of trying to find out that the best way, this concept, you can see that this is a difficult task. Youprobably can not afford a full-time Knowledge Manager, but you rent still see the need.

To get started, beginning with a view to an intranet and a simple wiki. These two technologies are very easy to implement. Your house or outsourced IT staff should be able to get you going in a few hours with a simple system. A few options are Media Wiki and SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft.
Before you implement a system, just sit down and make all the important informationAreas of your business using the contact from the sale to the customer. This is your introduction to the established hierarchy of information or knowledge in setting up your wiki or intranet.

The next step is getting your employees involved. Show them how to send you valuable information about their respective area of knowledge. This could be anything from the process flow diagrams. Everything that can be re-used by another employee, is probably already in digital form over the network.
TeachYour employees, as searching the online information. If they can use Google, they can easily use these tools. You are now on the road, and can not find these two instruments alone are enough to manage the basic information that is to take to run your business.

Take the first step now, and start to organize that information in your employees heads!


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