Application of Project Management Knowledge

Project management is the most important business skills and expertise of today that forms the basic building block of knowledge-based society for companies and occupations in the oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, metals and mining, infrastructure, buildings, IT, Healthcare, finance, telecommunications, industry, and many other services and the banking industry. Fortune Magazine calls project management "Career Number 1" on the ground. PMI recently reported thatToday, more and more companies and government agencies are adopting and making project management a strategic competency.

The old school thought that the project management knowledge, only for some physical project is now history. Organizations and businesses today see and understand, that brings the knowledge in project management in their companies the ability to cost, schedule and resource elements for the implementationthe plan and to monitor and control the results of a project with much more certainty in achieving their business destiny. Good project management is now perceived by insurance in the economy. It will prevent project disasters.

In the project environment, project managers are today facing the challenge of the demands of customers and their own organization in the provision of management projects, at least on time, within budget and in scope. This responsibility can notLeft alone with the project. To achieve these goals, all members of the project management team to realize the use of sound project management practices. Project management team will therefore equip themselves with project management knowledge and skills that enable them to support the planning, implementation, and monitoring requirements of the project.

Most people spend much time in formal training withExpectation in the career life to be successful. To be aware explore the life to the fullest would mean always an opportunity to appreciate our lives and expand potential for higher performance and be able to realize ourselves in society. Hopes to achieve someday our lives, we have potential to form a model or in a role that we have so much wanted to achieve and would fight. In many cases we do not have or not have the right opportunity to do so to find. This could be due to a lack ofExperience, competence, knowledge, or simply a lack of resolve to leave our comfort zone to learn and opportunity to be successful if an order to seize it.

Take advantage of killing the chance for what you believe can reach you and do not get to fight someone, including yourself your dream is the key to achieving your dream.

I guess they say, Continuous learning CONTINUOUS LEARNING. Let us guide your dream. You will certainly know where they learn the necessary skillspractical project management.

Good luck.

Articles by Herry Hendarto PMP
A project management mentor and coach, promoting good project management practices through on HEROLIAN International.



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