Knowledge & Knowledge Management


Knowledge is defined in many ways. The following definitions of knowledge.

"Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as a form of study or investigation."
(Kmconnection, 2006)

There is another definition of "capturing, organizing and storing knowledge and experiences of
individual workers and groups within an organization and that this information is available
others in the organization. "(Knowledge> Management online definition, 2006)

The third definition: "The real challenge is to enable managers of knowledge creation, collection
is a by-product, information that is the easy part "(library. Ahima, 2006)

Knowledge is either implicitly (can not be represented) or explicit (can be shared).

Explicit knowledge is defined as follows: "knowledge that may be already present or articulated, codified and
stored in certain media. The most common forms of explicitKnowledge are manuals, documents, procedures and stories.

The tacit and explicit knowledge of the people are to be managed in an organization by
an effective and intelligent strategy. The management of knowledge in an organization is
as knowledge management.

Knowledge management supports an organization acting in an intelligent way as their strategic goal and to be successful. The basis of anyOrganization is their knowledge and what strategy they practice and follow-up. Management of knowledge in an organization has a focus on the relevant aspects of intelligence such as: computer knowledge, economic aspects and technological networks such as: e-mail, groupware, portals and other tools. According to Karl Wiig (1997), there are four areas of knowledge management priorities:

Governance functions: monitoring andFacilities knowledge resource activities

– Staff functions: create and update knowledge infrastructure

– Creating Operational tasks: to review, build and organize knowledge assets

– Realize the value of knowledge: knowledge transfer and apply to assets affectivity university and college faculty were giving of e-learning systems with knowledge and information to other users. Some mathematicians built sophisticated System to demonstrate and teach mathematics to (problem and their decisions) in a very interesting and effective way.

Knowledge management has always been a powerful tool, with specific methods that help users
collect and organize knowledge, that can be used for various purposes.
What is the definition of Knowledge Management? Despite the value of knowledge, it is almost impossible to come with an objective definition for "> Become a Knowledge Management "to
understandable for everyone. In fact, it is very difficult to give the precise definition of this notion, many people like different things with "KM". The challenge for businesses these days is the
provide the correct information that leads to effective knowledge-sharing that will be used to enable them to better
To make decisions. A thorough analysis of knowledge management is reason to single out
important elements for achievingObjectives and clearly shows that: a) There is no specific right way of knowledge, b) there is no real knowledge executive software program on the market and c) what an organization is not necessarily for the organization of work as director of a organization, the knowledge to make better and it is on the market
The latest search for those who receive a viable in their organization? It is probably true.
TheInterest in knowledge management has risen sharply in recent years, growing with a
Number of publications, conferences and investment in knowledge management initiatives. In
Fact any measure, the use of trademarks and applies knowledge can benefit from the requirements of —
Knowledge management, and that most managers and professional activity covers. Therefore, like other tactics used previously, numerousAvailable business practices such as: information management and intelligence communities are pending, covering under the Knowledge Management area. Similarly, information systems solutions, such as document management and data warehousing are similarly relabeled.

Definitions of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management can be the same for everyone, but there are different definitions can be found everywhere in this stateotherwise. Although knowledge management is essentially the same task in relation to the organization of a business information assets, provides an organizational structure and follow with a variety of better and more satisfactory list of objectives for a company that will generate much more success and more to offer incentives for employees to a
intellectual level. Below are three of these definitions of knowledge management is:

1) KnowledgeThe management is handled by and large, and is used to cover all areas that an organization
needs to know about its functions. (Watson, 2002, p. 4)

2) Davenport and Prusak define KM as a fluid mix of framed experience, values, contextual information and expert insight that provides a framework for the assessment and admission of new experiences and information is available. (Dieng and Corby, 2000, p. 277)

3) KM is less to do with the relatively trivial operational issues of charging, storage andTransmission of data, including the much larger quantities, which now seems both possible and necessary to study than with a new momentum, and perhaps manage the meaning and context of our work and organizational activities. (Holsapple, 2002, p. 60-61)

It is by using the above definitions clearly that each person has his own views.
Take, for example, Watson, who believes that KM is talking about a much too broad level, such that
really not clear to justify what KMreally is. He sees that companies need to know how they perform their tasks, and that with KM, you can do that. He vaguely based on the true purpose of KM. On the other hand, Davenport and Prusak KM interpreted as mixed experiences, values and information are the backbone for the evaluation of new experiences and information. Considering this aspect, you would not immediately get a clear definition of what KM either. Although the issue here is KM, this definition is not the sameas the first, since this is a bit more information on the significance of what could be KM. Having determined that KM experiences and values, which contains information to come hear this? It comes from that experience and knowledge about the experiences that can be exploited and used for other purposes. Finally, we have defined Holsapple in findings show that KM less about trivial matters of collection, storage and transmission of data than it is to do the administration, what theOrganization is doing and what is happening. This definition is in itself completely opposite than the others. It is not vague, nor does it offer us a one-sided picture of what is KM.

Total Knowledge Management is an activity restraint that a common and inclusive promotion
to move the setup, capture, organization, authorization and use of information
Resources, including the suspected un-captured knowledge of the people. It is the course of theaction of converting information and rational assets into long-term significance. In an organizational

setting, this would mean a methodical move toward getting a business to make the best possible use of knowledge in implementing its undertaking, roughly viewed as either sustainable competitive improvement or lasting high routine.

Each of the above mentioned definitions look similar and all have the same ending result, which is to increase an organizations optimal To achieve performance and increased success rates for this company. Knowledge management is not just a simple process, but involves a great deal of time and structure to sufficient results. By collecting, organizing and integrating a structured practice, any organization can achieve its real objectives.

Discussion: IT solutions / systems developed for KM

There are four areas in which perceived to meet the requirement of a systematic and KM are:

• The areas inthe science activities are responsible for supplying and controlling the required
basic effect of knowledge management in the working system.

• The areas in which the information infrastructure must be created and maintained for the
Improving the organization.

• The Knowledge Management database must be updated and organized in a manner so that the transformation is simple and useful.

• In order to teach the handlingknowledge to improve their impact on the system.
Most of the technology concepts have largely been rooted in the modus operandi
Manuals, numerical models or programmed logic, the boundaries of the ideal solutions to the
Selection of the problems of the organization.

For example, the Defense Acquisition University at Fort Belvoir, Va., has Intranet and Internet sites maintained and has created distance learning as well as IT operationsand network infrastructure. The DAU is responsible for the training and the technology and logistics staff, so they need an improved KM system. DAU's Knowledge Systems to provide tools and resources to obtain a continuous learning presence for a 145,000 person workforce, with the help of online knowledge systems and communities of practice to improve the efficiency of workers and their partners. There are several important findings schemes that are developedlisted as follows:

They have implemented the takeover Knowledge Sharing System, which is a
Gateway for all essential resources and information. This provides an integrated but
decentralized information system.

Have created the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) is an online reference work
Acquisition policy and best practices for the DOD acquisition community and its industry
Partner. It contains links to relevant sections of the AKSS.
TheImplementations of communication, cooperation and exchange between DOD services and agencies on a wide range of issues contributed. They have also improved access to attain information, resources and tools across the DOD, and have developed it sharing service products and tools. Other systems such as these are best suited for simpler organizations:

(a) Well-structured problem situations for which there is a strong consensual position on the
Type ofProblem situation, where the Lockean inquiry system.
(b) Well-structured problems, for which there is an analytic formulation with a solution whereby the Leibniz inquiry system.

Ian Watson would argue that KM can offer only one solution method for the treatment that
with storing, retrieving, reviewing and so on, and one that also controlled
managed the right way would be to Case Based Reasoning. This system would be an essential part of the positioning andReview of the knowledge stored better (Watson, p. 233). The basic performance of CBR is that it is simple, easy to understand as well as computationally simple.

Knowledge management systems on the Hegelian inquiry systems, would smooth the progress of the multiple and conflicting interpretations of the important information. This approach would ensure that the most important information about the periodic inspection andRevisions, given the changing reality. Continuously against the current "road companies" are of such systems expects the hub to prevent the potential of that tomorrow. If we are to assume that one of these two systems and solutions, tools go to work, must the organization that is up-to-date what is happening in their company and the market. Knowledge Management will help current issues or identify areas that are missing, and bring theOrganization up to speed.

The Hegelian analysis is based on a synthesis of multiple completely antithetical
Representations are distinguished by large variations due to the different basic assumptions.
Leibniz-systems are closed systems that do not have access to the external environment: they operate on certain axioms, and these skills can fall on declining income from the "tried and tested 'heuristics embedded in the study covered processes.

EachThese systems would be an advantage for the organization, since it by the center
Correct material, the use of the right system for trade and the implementation of the changes that they can achieve higher success in a closed environment without anything in connection with
Information, the accessibility of information, employee standards or methods of operation. The
Organization would be smooth running and can achieve rapid success.


Overall, the adoption of theKnowledge management to achieve each organization can be a much
higher rate of information gathering, sorting and problem resolution, as they had before.
By ensuring that every employee has the proper training of the new technology, with each
Systems that relate to the collection of information, it should unforeseen problems.

On this day in age, it is virtually impossible for any organization or to improve on their systems
Business withoutHaving set an appropriate solution methods, high-end technology for the collection and storage of information or other such means. While they do not, which is such systems for the solution of problems, collection and storage of data, the organization relied on open market violations. It is urgently needed implementations before the company could see better margins and higher profitability.

While most companies to better introduce Knowledge ManagementSystems to better control their collection of information and methods, storage, others have implemented new information management practices. On the administrative side, some structures more flexible and more coordinated, faster IT facilities have been set up to allow for separate teams and projects the form quickly to new challenges. These were updated using communication as employees find and locate, or the use of administeredExecutives that goes around. These are what we call "virtual teams", which means that these teams of people looking and you can enter all necessary information on the progress made, their clients or even their competitors.

Be targeted through the use of new and improved systems such as those mentioned above, the information collected and re-located in the right section and stored in its main databases. Information can now be mapped, analyzed and managed with ease and speedand then a previously done. This ensures a better organization founded and is better to changes happening or needed, and able to concentrate better, while the use of employees and measure any effects action taken by him.


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