What is a Lean Management Audit?

The Lean Management Audit is a structured collection of knowledge and evaluation activities of your company's vision and strategy to plan their development and their annual policy. Auditors will work within this framework, to ensure that your performance improvement program is headed in the right direction. The test should consist of a series of interviews to be conducted at different organizational levels depending on the size and complexity of your business. The audit teamhas to assess the current status in all major areas and checkpoints in the work unit level.

The Lean Management Audit has three basic stages:

Site visit, the plants or individual units of work
Analysis, scoring and short-term regulation


The preparatory phase of the Lean Management Audit begins with reporting and analysis. At each stage of the workshop on the management level, the audit team should regularly reviewongoing operations as well as the entire work environment. As part of regular reporting and analysis, the Lean Management Audit should be no surprise, manager, or the appropriate entity being reviewed.

The site visit

The site visit is the plant or unit chance to watch his daily show and operating conditions of the auditor, to ask more specific questions, and note that more ideas can be broadly implemented. During a site visit, the auditTeam has a chance to see firsthand what is the current state in key areas and control of lean management. Usually a full day for a whole plant is scheduled to visit. If the device, the diagnosis is a department or work area, the visit may be shorter. The audit team determines the length of the visit and prepares an agenda that will be covered, taking into account the soil, and also monitored the depth of the survey.

As they tour the workplace and to hear presentations, members of thethe audit team must listen and watch attentively. In order to focus their thoughts, they should use a prepared scoring aid

Analysis, scoring, and Short-Term Prescription

Immediately after the site visit, the audit team meets generally spend with the management team to a first feedback and comments. The team, what they have observed and explained the understanding of processes and procedures. The audit team leaves the facility and write a report on the basis of threeBasic elements: Strategic Framework, the basic structure and organizational strength


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