What is Collaborative Knowledge Management and CKM

In our world, we have to be old in the industry to believe the computer age and many researchers, we went heading for the information society and knowledge age, but there are many people who say we are already there. With the ever-growing technology, we reach a point where the machines are not the majority of thinking and the people working on the common knowledge of this thinking.

There is no real definition of the collaborative> Knowledge management, or SRS. But you can think of CKM as a process in which organizations generate knowledge and value from their intellectual property. When you generate value from these assets, you have this with your employees to share departments, and even the competition in other companies, to the best practices from that knowledge to develop in order.

We can also provide collaborative knowledge management as each tool that the team supportsMembers and exchange of information that can contribute to the knowledge base. Basically, what goes beyond the fact everyone needs everyone to make any kind of profit in this world and that is all as a collaborative knowledge management.

For example, a company has researched a new product that they want to create. They are a company of ideas, but to make money, need to get away from this product, they are the people whohave the materials to create a product, they would have with the designers who would take the material and actually develop the product, and they had the marketing people to market and sell the product would also include. This is not even mentioning the lawyers and business people to get you to a patent.

This is an example of collaborative knowledge management. This company has taken its knowledge and together withnumber of various other organizations in order to give that knowledge is a value for the group as a whole, because everyone would make a profit. This type of management happens every day use but in today's technology, business-people who try, the real idea about the collaborative knowledge management and the installation of a software product to do that would be practical and workable. Placed in other words, they try to access a value to this idea that setsValues on every other idea of knowledge. If there is a way to make money, it does not matter how many layers you make an idea how long it has the potential of value.


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