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Most of us are past the point where we believe that a successful project can be carried out according to a formula or only with the right system. It is not unimportant that are the tools, or that the systems do not work because they do it. But to make the systems and the software will only work easier, they are not the elements for success.

Big ideas are not great, until they can be made and products sold at a profit. Solid project management can help bringthis about.

1. Pick-and-authorize the right person for your project

The project manager must be one of the best managers in the company and took at the beginning of the project. Finally, they have a difficult task. You need to manage different teams with members who all "real" leaders elsewhere in the company. When picking someone who is a project manager to keep these requirements into account;
Project need detailed cross functional knowledge. TheDevelopment, production, procurement and quality systems in your company are complex. It is not necessary for project managers who have worked in all these functional areas, but the more the better. Understanding of the functioning of these areas is crucial for the leader of bamboozled is prevented by functional experts.
Detailed, has first hand knowledge of the product, design and engineering systems, quality, manufacturing technologies and the policies of your companymandatory.
Technical projects should be managed by technical people. Do not expect a leading provider of product development team to be successful if they can not speak the language of the technical team. A specialist for the procurement or logistics expert is unlikely to be able to fully understand all the intricacies of the design and specification process, and it will have a hard time separating the critical requirements from the fluff. The engineers have contempt for those who are not technically demanding andunintentionally intimidate others with the knowledge, technology, project manager must be able to ask difficult questions in order to be successful.

Not all projects are technical in nature. Redesigning a service plan or the old marketing plan projects, the experts should be conducted in these areas from those.
Project manager must consider organizational skills. The great engineer, can never find the spec book or call the latest test results probably not a goodCandidates. The management of the project is seeking an exceptionally detailed – pick someone who loves the details.
Make sure that your project managers are great problems solvers. A project is nothing if not an exercise in solving problem after problem, make sure your guide knows how to deal with these issues.
You have to develop your own project. Since the spectrum of available knowledge and experience, you probably will not have the "right" person for the searchJob. Addiction someone you start with most of the skills;, giving them the necessary experience and groom until they are ready.

The right Project Manager will have seamlessly developing the systems used, and it is sometimes easy to look like. The wrong project manager will take over the largest system and make it a painful nightmare, spending weeks of preparation for routine evaluations and provide poor results.

2. Make sure that restrictions are complete for the projectdefined

The Curse of the project changed or "Refresh" constraints, once the project starts. Many of these changes are in fact failures, which were at the beginning of the process should be identified. Without a firm definition of all constraints, it is easy to be made for any substantial change until late in the process. Take time before the design process begins with the definition to make properly.

The limitations or Scope of Work (SOW), have several elements.Customer constraints top the list, but production constraints, market timing, aesthetic concerns, governmental regulations or industry in which the constraints. In many projects, this process of mapping the constraints is overlooked or underemphasized. Here are a few simple rules to be observed that will help you identify all the constraints;

Before work begins, take some time to define the responsibilities of each element of the project. This is especially important ifCollaboration with outside firms as partners, suppliers or customers. For example, who has the primary responsibility and support for the development, testing, validation and production of the part?
Remember: The assumptions are only bad if you do not document them. Make sure that they are all documented.
Detect: Projects are always changing with. From the decision in advance how SOW changes will be prepared treats. Do licensing authorities have to be created? SOW makes management orBreaks projects. If the sales or customer decides that the part has changed to be stainless steel instead of plastic – the scope of the project needs and the parameters must be updated.

Learn this lesson well. It could save millions. During one of the most important development I managed to customers repeatedly asked for new or updated features to be added to the scope. But we had approved a detailed terms of reference, and an effective change management system is incorporated.At the conclusion of the program, when customers were trying to team-procurement, cost benefit from the project, we are completely covered. All changes to SOW and approved, we were able to improve our margins.

3. Draw benefits planning as task scheduling approaches

To keep two problems with project management are a project on schedule and on budget. Violations of requirements in these areas to meet in a run on the reaction in the planeLearn the early project plans. Nice little slogans like "He has not condemned the intention to fail, he just do not plan to" distort the reality of the situation.

Task-based programs focus on the work that needs to be done and how long it is expected to take to complete this work. In the more complicated models, we are encouraged that will appreciate at least, held the expected time, and the likely time each task or subtask. The more detailed the plans, it is argued,better predict the results. The task of the project is to ensure that the tasks have been completed in accordance with the plan.

But breaking task based plans and then lead to micro-management. The margins are rare, because we do not keep up with the schedule. It is likely that the tasks were omitted from the plan or the necessary resources have been largely underestimated. In short, the plan is a substitute for responsibility and excuses like"We are for each plan, it has not worked simply" begin to be heard.

Ironically, the answer is to make these questions more and more detailed plans which are likely to close, with similar errors, because the real causes of our project failures have not been addressed.

Drag the plan provides a dramatically different approach. Instead of the tasks or the work she focuses on the desired results. For example, in planning a validation, a pull-Plandefines the objectives and the timing of the test. It defines the design release levels and types of tools are used. The plan specifies the confidence that the team needs to be carried out in the results and the methods or special tests. If there are any considerations or secondary objectives as the emergence of event as a learning opportunity for the production are shareholders, they are also listed. The consolidation of these plans for each event will be the controllingProject plan. The project team draws and manages the resources necessary to provide results for the control of events, as the project proceeds.

Even consider a project with the planning methods, it is time in which tasks of planning is required. However, they are short-term, at which certain events, the team is currently concentrated. For example, if you need a prototype completed a validation event easier, then release orders, the supply of components and planningof laboratory resources must be done on a micro level can and very detailed. It is necessary to ensure the success of the project.

But do not try to do it months in advance. There are simply too many unknowns to make it worthwhile. Instead, team members frustrated decompose with the plans. Project will eventually give up and "re-plan the project.

Do not waste your time building a Microsoft Project plan, if and only if defined, specific tasks must be performed. It is impossible, at the beginning of the project, all tasks that are necessary to the completion of the project is to understand. Instead of the expected deliverables and results at the respective desired, predetermined milestones Focus. Then make sure that a project team with the know-how, knowledge, responsibility and authority to determine when and how to complete the work, to ensure the successful completion of the project.

4. Communicate Communicate, communicate!

Project> Management alone to communicate. The project, which will not fail to communicate well. There must be communication within the team on the tasks, goals and requirements.
In addition, the team needs to communicate with management, customers and suppliers. If the people in the team are not expected on stage – or, if they are performing well on them – need to know their managers. If there are issues that threatened the success or re -Found opportunities must know management.

If a roadblock appears due to technical problems, reach out to experts and other teams. It is likely that someone has experiences that facilitate the path to a solution. When innovative ideas are discovered, trumpet these successes.

Good communication skills can not be learned too early. During my first experience as program managers have been, we experience a significant problem that was a result of poor design decisions. InTo save face, I decided to keep the problem under wraps "for a few days" until we can resolve them. Fortunately, after two weeks the problem still looming, a team member spilled the beans, and management became fully aware of the problem. I quickly learned that the problem can be less important than the sharing of all information.

Pride or fear, can not be allowed to prevent the communication within the team, with management or with other teams.Communication is the primary purpose of the project is not negligible -.

5. Develop your own New Product Development System

In today's economic climate, the requirements for product are extensive; environmental regulations or the government mandated recycling requirements, permits for durability tests by the customer, building or painting set by local authorities is required as well as corporate requirements and … listcontinues. If you are a part of the automotive industry, there are APQP and TS 16949 requirements. There is much to remember for all.

Teams need checklists to ensure that the critical developmental tasks are not overlooked. It is not good enough to leave the memory of your project team, management team or leadership team to ensure that everything is done. Define the requirements, plan the programs to review them and report the results using theRequirements. Use this system as a tool for success, not just a series of tasks that must be completed.

Formalization of the system to enable them to change and grow, as it is used – but do not try to shortcut the process.

1. Project Start

>> Business Case

>> Feasibility studies

>> Market Study

>> Program Objectives

>> Statement of Work

>> Constraint Map

2. Project Planning

>> Program Resource Plan

>> Milestone plan

>> Manufacturing Plan

>> Design / Verification Plan

>> Sub-System Assumptions

3. Project Execution

>> Issues Resolution

>> Design Completion

>> Gantt Chart Tracking

>> Tool Completion

>> Operator Training

4. Project Closure

>> Project Review

>> Lessons Learned

>> Final

>> Target / Reporting

>> GuidelinesDocumentation

6. The management team must stay involved with.

These projects are the future of the company. As such they deserve the attention of the leadership team. Stay involved in the projects to ensure that it runs as planned.

Good projects are mechanisms to keep senior management involved in construction. Periodic checks to lend his face to have to interactions between team members and managers face is the key to project success. Such assessments must be carried outoften, at least once a month. Combine the ratings with other staff meetings or strategy sessions – sends the wrong message. Specific purposes for these monthly contributions:
Reporting project status in relation to the project plan
Identify key concerns, complaints, or obstacles to success
Reporting on changes to the project plan, SOW changes or significant changes to program risk
Update financial projections
Taking into account the direct, two-way communication betweenExecutive team and the project team members. Similar experiences of managers can often be beneficial to the project team, the review provides a regular opportunity for this type of interface. Conversely, the project team have the opportunity to directly report obstacles, roadblocks and other difficulties.

New Product Development System (NPDS a continuous phase or gate reviews to formal approval of projects), before delivering the next phase. The datesfor these assessments should be determined during the planning phase: the review needs to be established by the NPDS. These reviews are deep dives in the status of the project and are a crucial part of the checks and balances that need to be in order to detect potential problems to its success.

But these assessments are not enough. Involvement of the executive team needs more consistency, as during this brief, formal reviews are made available. The project team shouldsupported by informal and regular visits by the leaders. Check the working results of the project team. If the team in the planning phase, and review comments on the plans. Check the statement of requirements documents – make sure that before the definitions of what you want to achieve. Remember, this is your future business.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not developed a NPDS, or if you are not with the one you are happy – start working on the new one.Unless you have a schema for the development of project managers, then why not start today. You will not regret it when it's time to start the next project.

(c) Copyright – Brian D. Krichbaum. All rights reserved worldwide


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