Managing Technology in an organization

Today, the integration of technologies is the key word, entrepreneurs around the world can not stop discussing about how technology is our current business environment transform. How tech savvy companies will become extinct the rudimentary book. Learning from the late nineties dotcom bust, we know the technology is no panacea for a pill business problems, but a tool to make our administration more efficiently and effectively is. Technology allows us to have more information to make our decisions, but it can notour decision. The decisions are still taken by people behind them.

Management in real faces some difficulties in managing technology – the most important among them is – when is the right time to invest in technology. Most companies are afraid to invest at this stage, since they believe that the technology is changing so fast that investments are being made today will be a rudimentary realized in the near future and the investment might not be able to recover total costs incurred in her.

Secondly, ifand how, except to move on to the next stage – progressing from walking with investments in technology for the first time the company table has a detailed plan, as the phase-out of the current technological level, to ascend to the next level. A gradual transition to the time, holds the key in managing technology both in the workshop and in the balance sheet.

The technology is not only a paradigm shift on how to do business, but also it to the next level, where most industrialPlayers will not only back on technology just to cut costs, but also for increased innovation and efficiency.


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