Project Management Knowledge Areas

What is a project?

I Define a project as something temporary with a defined start and end points, and offers a product or a service that is value added. Sometimes projects get confused with programs, but they are very different. Programs will be established, usually without end, for example, operation and maintenance of a new building going long after the completion of the project and in setting the budget is a tool we use a life cycle cost. In general, project managementProcess implemented 5 groups for a project: initiating, planning, implementation, control and monitor, and Close.

Initiation is a process that occurs at the very beginning of a project. This is where all parties decide to confirm it is a necessity for a project. An example would be if a company's capital improvements program reviews, and a need for a product or a service.

The planning is the process of project goals and objectives will be formulated. Planning involves the processes ofall the project management process groups. Documentation developed during the planning process is crucial for the implementation, management and monitoring and capping groups. The planning is very important because it affects all other areas of project management and budget information has reviews, activity definitions, project scope, schedule, risk position ID, Staffing, procurement planning, etc.

Running is the process that the project plans are made to work. Thisis, where is the project manager and co-ordinate, allocate resources to facilitate project success. This process uses the bulk of the project time and resources and the cause of most conflicts in schedules.

Controlling and monitoring the process, show how a project is proceeding well, which areas are not fulfilled or are falling behind. In construction, we use inspectors to provide the control and monitoring. Normally, the inspectors have a problem is discovered and corrective actionAction.

Closing is the process that is most often skipped, but it is very important to the project to a formal end. The final acceptance by the parties, are required before a project can be closed. Close-out procedures should be described in the project charter.


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