7 Steps To A Great Planning Presentation

Imagine were just asked to give a very complex presentation to the Board of Directors. One of the biggest mistakes you can make at this point is to think about what you say. Instead, concentrate on the planning.

How could start planning? Here is a simple but effective 7 steps.

Step 1: Development Goals

Before you get something, clearly your objectives for the presentation. Possible destinations include:

• to inform the Board atThe current financial situation and future forecast

• To the funding for a new computer system safe

• To buy in to a new performance management system

• In order to secure support for an increase in staff

Take time to get your goals clear from the presentation.

Step 2: Assess Your Audience

If you are assessing your audience, try on her shoes as a recipient of the presentation step. Think about:

• The level ofof knowledge they have about the subject

• The amount of resistance you are likely to encounter

• The ideas or opinions that they might have about you or your team

• All the knowledge that you receive from others about the style or the type of presentation they react to win

Step 3: Brainstorming

A brainstorming session is simply a reflection of the ideas that you could cover. Remember, the first step is to bring all sorts of ideas on paper. It is not about the assessment onthis phase. Keep brainstorming until you run dry, free ideas.

Step 4: identification of common themes

It is likely that in brainstorming, you have similar things that you group into a global issue can occur to leave. For example, if it is a financial performance presentation you might budgeting, forecasting, treasury and working capital that you provide as part of a theme called integrated financial management.

Alternatively, if it is a staff presentation, you mighthave recruitment, selection, storage and personal development record, see a theme included as talent management.

Step 5: Create an outline structure

Sketch on a sheet of paper, the topic of each slide and the two or three messages that you want to convey.

Step 6: Preparing presentation materials

The most important things to note when preparing your presentation materials are:

• The required number of slides, my rule of thumb, 5-7maximum for a 10-minute presentation

• How much text to include in my experience, bullet points are best

• Use animation only if it adds something

• How will you deal with numbers an Excel spreadsheet is not displayed, so you think about alternatives if they need figures are based presentation

Practice, practice Step 7: Practice

Running through the presentation at least twice is an essential part of your planning. Not to be ignored, as it will serve you wellwhen it comes to the real thing

Finally, remember that most of us are not so enthusiastic about the presentation and careful planning can make all the difference.


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