Is Collaborative Knowledge Management for your company?

The first priority for Collaborative Knowledge Management (KM) systems is that they have leverage to improve the performance of the company. Your contribution is that people (employees, enabling partners, customers, etc.) to make more informed decisions by giving them access to the collective knowledge base.

The biggest challenge when seen embarking on a knowledge management project is that you are trying to replace ainformal employee knowledge sharing culture with a technology equivalent. So that people will not default back to the informal staff feedback loop to provide a new system must be something else, it must be easy to operate and meet their needs as users.

Managing data and knowledge is critical for all companies to grow by learning from the experience, they are in the situation. This in turn means that they improve their service, their responsiveness and effectiveness. TheChallenge is to ensure that relevant data and information be shared with relevant persons, and at the right time.

Knowledge management is a conflict between the organization of culture and technology. It is not a traditional IT project because it includes people from all over the shop, this could also be extended to partners, customers and even future employees.

Collaborative Knowledge Management Systems are often introduceda business, because there is an immediate project or a problem be solved. Normally this is a small project that a Trojan horse for other types of knowledge management projects are. When people begin to see within an enterprise value of the systems, then another, the new areas are used, they can be identified.

Successful knowledge management projects start small, this is because it allows the developer to show the potential and the evidenceindividuals to buy the company in the change. Once the use of adoption has grown, it is with other projects and roll-outs.


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