An effective PMO

Organizations around the world is finally taking serious project. This creates the need for project management, the form of a project management organization for the PMO to organize or take short, especially in medium to large organizations. That's all good. What is bad is that some PMOs just another civil servant, congestion, stiff, become ineffective group that serves the wrong purpose.

For a PMO to be effective has to firstprimarily a policy of integration, knowledge sharing and break silos. To this end it has the support of the entire management team have. The management team, many times, thinks that the PMO only save costs but to stay in business. And the PMO work full-time, value-added feature.

The PMO must:

Knowledge of the projects with an investment volume status

• Status reports from all projects in thePortfolio

• Plans and dates of all projects in the portfolio

• Price in relation to the strategic business objectives

• An understanding of the strategic objectives of the organization

• Performance over time

• Management support and active participation

• A common language between the promoters

• A governance board to measure objectives

• A standard project management rigor and discipline, with commonTools

With the above information and tools that PMO can more effectively by providing:

Portfolio Management Support

• Information Repository

• Rescues

• Mentoring

• Prioritization Management

Resource Management

• Planning and forecasting

• Information Management

• Processes and Methods

• Training in the program / project management

• Accountingand financial analysis

Knowledge Management

• Assessments

• Program / Project Management Certification

If your PMO group the above value additional services I think it is an effective PMO. Do not think so …? Well, I do.



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