Project Integration Management – A Key to Project Success Total

Let's face it, it will be tricky, in fact, is an IT project. So many questions, such as the schedule on, resourcing, ongoing requests from stakeholders, team to be fair, permanent changes, etc. Because of the complexity of managing an IT project to examine many tend Project Manager (PM) on the system build not only focus on "big picture".

One task of a project manager is to coordinate all areas of knowledge throughout the life cycle of a project. These> Knowledge are: scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk and procurement. I will discuss the individual knowledge areas, in my subsequent articles. Project Integration Management knowledge cements all of these areas in a way that the project will be a success. Note that Microsoft Project Integration Management is not the same as the software integration management. The first is the integration of the "big picture" (orParts of the project), while the latter is related to the integration of software components.

Project Integration Management includes the processes and methods needed to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly organized. Example of what makes trade-offs between competing objectives. Project Integration Management is divided into three parts: Project Plan Development, Project plan execution and integrated change control.

Project Plan Developmentis where developers are planning what they do with their IT project. Apart from the planning of the whole of the project, developers also take into account other important aspects to [] of the project, including: historical information, the organizational conditions and limitations and assumptions. The result of excellent planning is the creation of a project (development) plan. This plan is the most important document that serves as a guide and blueprint of the project execution and project control, are used. This document will coordinate allProject planning documents and supports the Clock in the leadership of the project team and assessing project status. See the Project Development Plan: The first guide in the development of an IT system.

Project Execution Plan is to plan the most important method to implement the project and this is the area where the project is the budget and more time spent. The field of application or the project relates to project execution, because the products are produced during execution. The result of excellent planning – project managementPlan – which serves as input for Project Execution Plan.

That is, Project Execution Plan is the result of excellent project planning, creation of an excellent project plan dependent. Apart from this document is a developer look into other important aspects, at this stage as: Organized policies, preventive measures and corrective measures. The results of the implementation of the project plan are working results and change requests. Through the implementation of the plan, the results are recorded, but changes (or proposedWhich can not) by the circumstances to be avoided, especially if these changes will benefit the project. Here are some examples of the tools and techniques are used in the project plan execution: (1) Work authorization system used – a method to ensure that people do their tasks, (2) status review meetings – regular and scheduled meetings where The project team will discuss everything with the project, and used (3) Project Management Software – a software in support of a teamManagement of their projects.

Integrated Change Control deals with: ensuring (1) create controlling factors determining changes in order that changes be agreed by all parties, (2) determining that a change has taken place, in fact, and (3) the administration the actual changes when they occur. During Project Execution Plan are performance reports and change requests also collected. Change Request is a type of document, in which all the proposed changes, the system will be built are listed and described.Have been investigated by the changes that are corrective measures are implemented and incorporated lessons.

Change Control System is a process, such as official documents describing the project and the work can be changed. The process describes the personnel who can make the changes. Furthermore, the procedure, a Change Control Board (CCB), configuration management involves, and implementing a process for the changes. The CCB is a group of people responsible to approve or reject changes in a project. They offerGuidelines and documents for change requests, evaluate, and then monitor how these changes will be implemented.

Configuration management ensures that (for example, all the products necessary documents) and their descriptions are correct and complete. Configuration management personnel to identify and document configuration requirements, control changes, record and manage changes, and make sure to check the products, the fulfillment of requirements.


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