Leadership and organizational culture

The potential benefits of improved job design are rarely realized, if you relied on the content of jobs alone concentrated. Equal if not more important, the process is carried out by the redesign. This has resulted in the recognition of the importance of management style and, increasingly, the corporate culture. Of central importance for improving the quality of working life is a participative, open style of leadership involving employees in decisions that affect them, including theDesign and selection of the technology itself. Staff should, including the policy on pay and benefits, try to develop a relationship of trust between all members and sections of the organization and a confident partnership approach to the unions.

The supervision involves technical knowledge, skills, human relations and coordination of activities. Effective supervision is responsible for job satisfaction and a high level of work required. Friendly and niceLeader behavior tends to create high employee satisfaction. Supervisors to adopt a considerate manner towards workers tend to have more satisfied working groups. The lack of satisfaction and dissatisfaction at work, but can also cooperate problems with managers.

The increasing pace of technological and structural change, it is essential to the issues of managing change in a manner that would ensure the best outcomes for organizations and address the people in them.An important point is still the jobs that people are asked to fulfill. Think if the change is planned, especially when introducing new technologies, a "window of opportunity 'exists to be done about the work, the people and the design of their jobs. The aim is to ensure that the quality of working life is enhanced rather than undermined.

Concern for the quality of working life was also supported by government legislation, for example in the areas of safety,Employee involvement and health and safety at work. Such a scheme draws the attention of management on the importance of the work environment and the context in which the work is performed, which in turn have a direct influence on job satisfaction. Improving job design requirements into account, how people perceive their current role and their participation in the changes that affect them and their work. It's about the ways of thinking about people at work.


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