Top 10 Project Management Tools for Virtual Offices

The concept of remote offices, telecommuting and working from home and virtual assistants to gain momentum, it is essential that we, with a governance model that our needs are best managed projects within the team, and with clients .

If you are a part of a large organization (you can assume it is an MNC), telework is approved and the remote office context, there is nothing to fear. The office takes care of custom management tools and will be heldInform you. This post is not for you

On the other hand, if you is an independent virtual assistant then my guess is you will keep in touch with your e-mail threads, to hold talks with tables and keep track of the progress of the project. If you are a bit smarter, you will by sorting labels (like Gmail) or folder (such as Yahoo and Hotmail) to mail threads for easy access. E-mail attachments can be saved on your desktop. Even if you're smart, you will share theDocuments as mail.

As a virtual assistant, means that all your work online. You can transport more than one project for the same customers, or you have more than one client at a given time. Perhaps you might be interested in some of the online project management tools. Most of them are (with limited functionality for free) for a user, and comes at a reasonable price (if) you advanced features. The following list is my top 10 recommendations forOnline project management systems.

Project Insight

They have all the "required" properties for a project management system. Try their demo. This is a little more than simple and somewhat less well advanced. So if you are a virtual assistant with the average working knowledge of how a project management system work, then you probably could be like this. Strangely, but I could not see the pricing page. If you find him, please give me theLink.


The best project management system that I ever met.

They have over 22 functions, of which I advise the discussion forum, task dependencies, and multiple project and task management to the largest value. They provide Web-hosted and self-hosted option if you want it in your company INTRALINK. First, you can be overwhelmed, but if you know it learn how to make things a breeze. I would say this is a "complete" system for singleand multiuser (eg: – Virtual Staffing Agencies) alike.


I would say that this is due the second best project management system on the Internet about the functions such as project-specific wiki and project-specific blog, which is offered. They enable integration with other PMS, such as Basecamp and Salesforce, and also with Gmail and OpenID integrate. So with so many "dream features", why is this as second best, because free users to have only one project. (I needat least 5). Perhaps paid service will be tailored your business needs


The project management system designed for professional virtual assistants who work independently designed. In short, small and sweet. It is a very intuitive interface and up to 5 users sharing allows a better interaction with the team or clients. If you) handle 2 projects at a time (20MB memory, then this is definitely for you. Otherwise, you should go for the paid versions.


A veryClean dashboard, gives the project overview of the things without any frills and fireworks. The tabbed interface places for notes, files, field, milestones and to-do lists are just a click away. Try the free account, to which the things.


The demo offers a pretty good idea of what to expect when you actually register. The list is fed to the existing customers, so you have a picture of the project status in relation to a specific client. This is a paidService for 39 $ / month for 1 Virtual Assistant. Its clients include Pepsi, Time Warner and Comcast, among others. I personally think they are charging a premium. Certainly not fit for self-employed and professionals, unless you are imprinting money.


This is especially good if you have a team, and want one-stop shop for all projects of the customer and also for in-house projects delegated to the team. The employee time tracking and Hierarchical Role-based permissions areremarkable properties. Again, this is a paid service. Sorry, no freebies here.

This is a complete edition of the Enterprise Project Management System. The demo provides an overview of the functions from the perspective of project manager perspective. However, it remains to be seen how this can be modified to be adapted to a single user with multiple clients. They offer customization of tabs and form fields. But you never know until you try.


I will not call it a projectManagement tool, but if you are a part of a team that you need to work on regular updates so long emails or provide shared tables, you can do with their Twitter like interface to communicate your work status. In addition, all "status reports" gathered, the manager can be emailed to the team. This also allows a performance overview of a specific period. Worth a try, even if it could distinguish individual preferences.

Smart Sheet

If you are very comfortable withSpreadsheet, then this Project Management System is definitely for you. The concept of Workspace is used in aggregate form for the same project, and the like of it. You can work together with customers and upload files to the discussion. It takes a little time to get used to the system. This is free, and they have the beta version in progress.


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