Asset – make your knowledge management

Sharing knowledge

As CEO of your company, it is your job to grow your business, the face of your company and the development of new products or services.

This means to convey your knowledge to your team so that they can deal with the day to day, your business without you. This is very hard as an entrepreneur, because your company is "your baby." Remember, parents must let their children so that they can grow. Likewise, you need to grow your business. Ie,give your team the information they need to keep your business running smoothly, whether you are.

Schedule Knowledge "Download" Meetings

Schedule regular meetings or phone calls to your team kept informed of any new opportunities, changes in customer, project progress, products or information that may affect their work or your business. This also means the exchange of information that is relevant to your industry or your competition by. An informed and empowered employeesso that from day to day in your company without cause itself. It also makes the employees feel involved in the success of your business. And, as Martha Stewart says: "This is a good thing."

New Info Library

Creating an information library is a great way to share knowledge. It optimizes knowledge and power and prevents redundancy.

For example, if you produce client presentations, marketing materials, website content or processes to considerthis information in a common file such as Google Docs or on your in-house server. Your employees can pull themselves out of these docs when creating new documents, instead of starting from scratch, which can be a huge waste of time and money.

Libraries also contribute information to the consistency in communications and brand management. Ideally, create templates that you enterprise-wide application that the coherence strengthened. Even using templates according to their own guidelines as a business leader, reflect, shareTheir visions and expectations with your team that creates the cohesion and quality assurance.

Creating Processes

Processes can provide companies with liquid flow and quality control. They often show a way for the complementary products and services, which means more money, develop.

Processes to create schedules for your team then took the guesswork as you want – and expect – to be done. Processes to maximize time and ensures consistency within theOrganization and the customer interface.

Promotion of team input on the processes and your employees can receive information that can affect the process. It is so important for your team to share their knowledge with you and your colleagues as you share your knowledge with them. Employees often have insights and information but do not take the above as the time to listen.

Make a plan. Set Goals.

Many entrepreneurs "Shoot From TheHip. "They deal with issues as they arise. While that would certainly be understandable (especially for young start-ups), it is important to be as clear as possible about your long-term and short-term objectives so that your team can target their efforts and assets with these objectives.

The setting of targets and clarifying the strategies needed to achieve these objectives allows an optimal sharing of knowledge. Why? Because if your team is pleased about your goals, it is clear they can realize what is necessary to help youreach those targets. The key is clear and specific in your goals and strengthen your team helps you achieve these goals.

Create an open platform where your skills and goals for your business. Then ask your team how they can help achieve these goals. You will be surprised at the hidden reserves, resources and knowledge your team if you show them the possibility of a part of the success of your business.

Ready to Set YourselfUp for Success?

Are you interested in creating a system that puts you, your team and your company for success, but not sure how to get started? Whether you're a one-woman operation, a 50-person department head or CEO of a company are, is there a way to achieve more success.


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