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The benefits of the procurement project management certifications

December 8, 2009

Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are recognized by many leading companies today. The CAPM certification is to ensure the proper project management skills and knowledge are properly infused into the project leads. Everyone who hold a PMP is grateful for the role as project manager, as this certificate is an identification of professionalism in project management. PMPGuidelines are intended to measure, training and professional skills.

Getting Started with a Project Management Program certification by a recognized university or accredited school is really important because it helps to increase your market value, as you scale. This is for your future career growth and expansion of advantage.

The following are the expected benefits for all with a renowned project management certification,

1. Lead to a higher market –Worth
In general, your qualifications and experience on the two main factors that will drive your salary as a project advisor or project by a project management certificate bears in the collection help to accelerate the increase in market value for themselves. More and more companies have begun to recognize the importance of these skills and have therefore called those required to hire consultants for the project or project manager. Thiscertification may lead to an increase of approximately 15%- 30% of one’s base pay.

2. Opens Doors to New Clients

Getting yourself certified does make some difference in getting prospective clients to be willing to meet up with you. It can also be an important factor for a client deciding whether to hire you over another consultant or freelancer. It is indeed of no surprise with the triple-fold increase of certified project managers over these recent years as more and more people begin to realize the necessity of being recognized.

3. Offers International Recognition

A PMI certification has been highly recognized with International standards. It offers the key to International recognition and for one to stay competitively attractive with Global standard. Getting a PMP-certified consultants are in the trend. Many companies has unduly increase their pay rate to get someone with the rightful skill in as their project consultant or project manager. It is even better, if PMI is that someone certified at the same time.

4. Provides credibility
For one, the Project Manager Professional (PMP preserved) certification, proved that he / she adequately demonstrated the ability to apply knowledge, skills and attributes as a project manager with the correct guidelines established. Certified Professionals also agreed to by an industry accepted code prevents professional and ethical rules. As a certified PMP provides a higher level of Professionalism and knowledge, which helps boost credibility as a potential project consultant.

5. Stay competitive than your competitors
The competitions will be stiff between competitors and it is very difficult to keep up with the competitiveness of the other on the market. Seeking to advance professional skills or looking for a consistent orientation from your senior lecturers of the university and help to provide you with the necessary information and> Knowledge.

6. To argue that better pay, faster promotions
Despite the downward movement of the labor market recently, the requirement for project managers has increased exponentially. According to the latest survey 20% more jobs than PMP / CAPM Certified Professionals will be available. This has an extremely good prospects for project managers who have created this PMP / CAPM credentials. Deserve such a certificate can result in at least 10% – 20% increased compensation is received from the industryis in.

7. Highly recognized by the Global and leading companies

PMP/CAPM certification have increasingly being officially recognized by many leading organizations (e.g. Microsoft, IBM, American Express etc to name a few) whom have actively endorsed these, have increasingly encouraging their project managers to enroll for these programs to obtain these certificates in order to be competitive with their counterparts and competitors.


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