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Contact Management

December 18, 2009

Building and maintaining a strong and lasting customer relationships. LiveCRM's contact management is not only for the management of customers, but also suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, affiliates, agents and any other category of contacts you want to manage. The interface provides the ability to create your own categories and use them in your contact management process, as you want. … "Contact Management", "Contact Database", "Customer Database", "customer management" CRM "CRM Live" CRM Live "…


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November 19, 2009

And what are the solutions to overcome these problems? That was the question arise at a conference on the management innovations, hosted by the Management Lab. In this interactive video, you can navigate through the insights of the speakers such as Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School, John Mackey, Whole Foods and Gary Hamel, the founder of the Management Lab. … Innovation Management Design Thinking Organizations Business Knowledge Lab Birkinshaw Mackey Shoshana Hamel Brarsh Kelly …