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Document Management Content Management Knowledge Management

December 24, 2009

Much more than just a repository, the Enterprise Process Center houses a fully integrated content management system, which users can access valuable documents in a secure, centralized location to store, allowing easy access via the Internet by all employees. Documents have a clear purpose when they are connected by processes that are encouraging employees to the knowledge available to use them, and the information they create, share a common system.

Document Management – A dream of paperless office

December 15, 2009

What is document management: When we think about "Document Management" usually we see a picture of paperless office. There is no easy task, due to a paperless office by several existing problems for the industrial needs. Also it is very difficult for a business with a paperless document management. Document management is to manage on the document in such a way as to make them within our reach, if not needed in the desired formmore wasting time and space. Since computer is a wonderful device and much useful in document management.

How document management work: There are various software that help with document management can be. There are some terms that is useful to know for document management.

Electronic Document Capture (EDC) for document management.

Scanning, Text recognition & image conversion are comes under this category in document management. In this paper, we convert to simply copy too soft media. This is a very useful activity to do document management. With this our reach to every document will be easier and cheaper. Let us take an example, if you want to search for a specific paper from a few thousand papers. With soft copy it is very easy and inexpensive. If you have a copy to any other person, then it is also very fast and economically.

Optical character recognition (OCR) for document > Management.

Exactly what happens when your document have entered a normal document with a simple typewriter. Optical character recognition plays a role, to understand what it is exactly. To simply say they recognize the characters on a physical media may say, a normal printed paper.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) for document management.

If you have a large collection of documents created electronically then electronic document> Management System is the basic need to correctly locate and display the required document. It can handle multiple requirements for electronic documents with respect to users and some other similar operations. It may be necessary to maintain summary of all documents and different versions of source documents.

Electronic Record Management System (ERMS) for document management.

There are several applications where it is necessary to obtainthe records in highly ordered manner, such as payroll lists and patient records. This system manage the documents in a manner so that they can be easily accessed effectively.

Web Content Management (WCM) for document management.

This system is used to manage websites in a very systematic way. There are so many Web documents that are required to store and publish to any website defining several privileges. This document management system will take care of all these Needs.

Workflow Management (WFM) for document management.

If a document is used after the passage of several highly ordered steps then workflow management system for document management created. We use very powerful software for document management. Each document should be within the reach of correct person timely and that through this kind of document management is ready.

Knowledge Management (KM) for document> Management.

FAQ are the good example of this type of document management. All information should be easily communicated to relevant person. This is very useful in industries where this type of meet document management system to bridge the communication gap.

These are general terms used for document management. Now it is very easy to decide what type of document management for all types is best suited. You can then search andImplementation of the specific document management.