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Leveraging The Enterprise-Wide Knowledge Base

December 28, 2009

The safety and efficacy in the Six Sigma project relies heavily on the effective use of enterprise-wide knowledge of the implementation of the project team. Hope for the best would hardly make sense if the team lacks overall knowledge of the goals, customs and the wealth of knowledge and practices throughout the organization in specific and cross-industry knowledge in general. It is well know for the implementation of the project team is essential for alternativePractices and strategies within the organization are available, and current status of the project.

Existing businesses benefit from the Knowledge Base in Six Sigma

To expand the knowledge, than in any of the following companies:

1. The How and Why of the process, the implementation of the objectives and change management strategies

2. The knowledge about the company, including the goals and the current co-existence of alternatives, etc.

But it is easystriking that the availability of information is available on both a chronic shortage. The way to look at moving situations like this with the familiar tools for knowledge sharing such as brainstorming, innovation and organization of ideas that help will be ideas from the box.

In essence, Six Sigma is not self-sufficient, and somehow, inexplicably, still in a rut that it is enough to solve the problem, if one is found alive. So, as a logicalTherefore, they wont habits, the lines between tool-specific knowledge and skills, the missed opportunities due to lack of initiatives for innovation and broader perspectives will be drawn.

Valuable land out of knowledge about the project

Enterprise-wide knowledge is quite capable of an all around contribution to the overall cause of the Six Sigma implementation. Combat a complex problem with problem-specific specialization is meaningless and the efficiency of project teams on edge.

Take a look at DMAIC again in the measurement of the stage, choosing the right metrics is only half the job. But the knowledge about how to simplify and easy, and in the control of the stage things rationally question: How could anything be better? Why was it errors, such as measurement and control processes for the best implementation can be automated, etc.

Opportunities for the use of Enterprise Wide> Knowledge

Take the 2-bodies, which are very effective ways of knowledge to the surface.

1. Retrospect Retrospect than the profits of a pilot project or a current project and discuss the reports of an inspection. Retrospect provides an insight into the reasons for success or failure to win.

2. Action Reviews This is a fact-finding exercise on the difference between two parameters, such as focus, what has happened and whatplanned.

Access to enterprise knowledge can be possible not only by the violent property. Use of sympathetic and facilitation techniques must be used to make cross-departmental knowledge. Some other techniques to bring this knowledge to the surface, are hereinafter

1. Peer Assist Program, the face-to-face interactions

2. Rating contextual relationships between the projects

3. Final, stage-specific, project documentation