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Talent Hunt: Getting the People You Need, when you need it

December 2, 2009

Cappelli, director of Wharton's Center for Human Resources, proposes a new approach to this problem on the application of the principles of supply chain management to people. He and Joyce Bradley, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Delaware Valley region, of Lee Hecht Harrison, spoke with Knowledge @ Wharton about talent management, including the challenges of senior executives in a recessionary economy. … Knowledge @ Wharton Human Resources headhunting talent-on-demand supply chain management…


Getting Started with KnowledgeTree

December 1, 2009

This video will guide you through everything you need to know to work with KnowledgeTree to get started … Getting Started with knowledgetree open source document management software

Getting Out of the Rat Race and Get Your Life Back

November 6, 2009

If you drag yourself to work every morning and does not "seem" to create an enthusiasm in your workplace and your job to have, perhaps it is free time for a few days and do some reflection on your life and your future.

What have you achieved so far, you are happy with what you have achieved, to light?

What will you do for yourself and your family?

How long do you have to work so that you can realize your dream?

Or have you forgotten, when your dreams come trueThey are trying to fulfill your purpose?

When is the last time you to bring your children to school activity or a simple country road trip?

Ask yourself these questions and many others, reflect the real life is so far. Many people live in rat race without realizing it. You can at a high level of corporate management with a high paying job, but you work 12 hours a day and some time even more. You hardly see your family, let alone the children of the school andsocial curriculum. They stress every day, meeting after meeting, never-ending entertainment, travel by road or by air to one part of your life, but you have no time for your family vacation for the last few years.

You keep saying to themselves, next year I will have more freedom when I completed this project or get the promotion and raise if I meet the target. Every year, we do not pass either below the limit or the company and to love you becausesomeone seems a better relationship appears to influence with the people, or just more fortunate in achieving more than you have. Every year you'll promise yourself and your family, that next year you will be it for the holidays that you have spoken for years, because you can not afford it, but you have to prove only the company that you are the person for the job should be brought. You do not want the administration that your family more than you value your job, if the date of the companyProject met with the family planning vacations.

If you have this challenge, you run on the treadmill without noticing it, and "The Problem of rat race, even if you win, you're still a rat." Lily Tomlin.

Take some time now, the corporate world is very realistic, no one is indispensable. And if you do not have it, we want to repeat, is irreplaceable, no body! For many years there are hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates matching in the business world, these graduatesmore qualified notion of academic qualifications and skills. They are young, energetic and enthusiastic and willing to develop projects that spread from the company. You can half demand and even third of your pay and do the same work you do, just different, they may lack your experience, but then something changes so fast in today's world, knowledge management without continuous personal development , Your experience is obsolete in just a few yearsnoticed without you.

So starting today, take a few minutes for yourself, in a quiet place for some personal reflection of your life you will do. If you still wanted to run the treadmill, and say a rat, fine, no body nothing. It's your life any way, you are on the way in which you live. In the case decided, that if you wanted to compete out the rat race, you must realize you have to do something different. Albert Einstein once said: "Insanity is not the sameover and over again and expect a different result! "

I hope you are sensible enough to recognize that the implementation of the treadmill will lead you nowhere!

Do something different and get your life back!

SK Wong is a Charter Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK and holds an MBA in Finance. He is a certified trainer of JCI members and also qualified as an NLP trainer sales. He is also the blog owner of Inspire Success Action