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As the results of a Knowledge Management System Implementation Action

November 13, 2009

Like all technology projects, it is very important to have a procedure with which you can measure the success of a project. There are a number of reasons, obviously the first is that nobody really wants to be associated with a bad project. The downside of this is that everyone wants a piece of a successful project, which is good for a career, good for your business and good for the user.

This article provides some tips on how to measure the results of a> Knowledge Management project.

Perform a detailed analysis of the gaps. It is impossible to decide is how successful a project if you did not know what the problem was trying to solve it.
Fairs investigate the use of the knowledge management system, in particular, how people used the internet regularly, and whether they use them again.
Find user opinion, while it is not very scientific, it can be very useful. A high internal case study is angood opportunity to strengthen support for a project.
Record details of what was a department or a process, such as post-installation. Focusing especially on how long it would take to complete a task and show how this will improve knowledge management.
Determine who are the power users and ask for their feedback and contribution. A knowledge management project stands or falls with the users, so they think are involved.

Click on the link to learn more about creatingUK Knowledge Management System. Generate UK, you can use from project initiation requirements, workflow and design through to implementation.


Implementation of Knowledge Management

November 10, 2009

Part One

Knowledge management, an overview

This chapter describes knowledge management (KM short), types of KM strategies and tools. It will be shown what kind of strategy for your firm.A part of the information the company is liable in this paper fictitious.

Knowledge is the most important factor for a company to be successful. Knowledge management helps companies to behave intelligently is, fruitful anddeserve great results with high productivity and quality through the use of relevant best strategy ever.

To manage knowledge in an organization to help your business work effectively, leisure, increase your productivity, you certify your employees on new technologies, easiest to use of the system, increasing the economic benefits that reduce the risks of risk-analysis method that simplifies communication between technology, your employees and ultimately help you achieve your goal.

A company mustLaying out its vision, prison, risk analysis and use an appropriate strategy. Many companies are pursuing different strategies that best suits them.

What strategy should be used for the management of knowledge in your company? You should understand that knowledge management resources and amount of each strategy will not be suitable for every company. There are projects that by the end to fail, because with an exact recipe or the strategic use of a special wereStrategy, while at the same time, another company will achieve the same strategy and in their goal. The point is, where to start and what type of knowledge, processes and tools.

You need tools to manage knowledge in your company. They are to codify either their knowledge to others, or knowledge, the tools to make the minimize communication problems in your company. Sometimes you have active or passive instruments. Through the use of active tools,is to illuminate and inform the user of both finding and helping them to earn information. Sometimes the users are able to obtain the information without the use of support system.

Managing Director of Knowledge is like the conduct of the business and KM helps to operate the shop smarter. The following chapter is a brief introduction of your company, together with an analysis of your situation, what to see is a strategic choice and the possible means for implementing KM in your company.

About Bull& Co

Current situation:

It is important to present your company's current situation better for the analysis and highlight the gaps and vision to find a better strategic choice for the implementation of the KM.
Bull & Co was founded in 1864 in Oslo, Norway. This is a leading Norwegian company and has been a lawyer since the date of creation. The company has offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø and an office in Washington DC in the USA. Bull & Co organizedthree categories: partners, staff and administration

The kind of knowledge that runs your business includes data from past cases and tactful information that will be used for future cases. Bull & Co is not interested in the preservation of data that do not relate directly to their business. Therefore, the financial, market and other information are not stored or maintained. Currently, the company's storage of information in the database, but not at the special ability of data that aLawyer has. These data will be non-usable resources and not made available to anyone except the person himself off. The lawyers who have a know-how, insights and knowledge, the verdict from person to person based strategy. The company does not have support on an intranet communication between the offices. The database does not have a good function and the current system is not stable enough, which is frustrating for the employees. Therefore, the server is overloaded is the most time and employees haveCommunication problems. The experts do not share their knowledge with new employees who deliberately makes it difficult the current situation. There are few courses per year and not everyone is from what they have deliberately news across the country and abroad. The staff in the office in Washington DC / USA is not updated to plans and strategy project. Currently, the competitors in a position to more offices, which are a major threat to Bull & Co. open.
The company needs a big headLeadership for the management and supervision of the principal factors in the implementation of KM at Bull & co.

The company desired situation:

Bull & Co may wish:

* Legal expertise with the best quality of service
* A grand tour
* Further development of industrial products, media / culture / entertainment, information, services, homes and businesses, corporate finance & insurance and public services.
* Obtaining a series of tasks, both fromNorway and other countries
* Introducing more benefits for enterprises and improving their economic goals
* Since the best known and established companies
* Based Clients Happy
* The attraction for customers in Norway and the other counties
* Implementation usable IT solutions
* An effective competition with the competition
* Acting smart in a reasonable time / leisure
* Less frustration among the employees


* To obtain the best lawyerCompanies in the world

* If you win more finances and attract more affiliates and sponsors for their financial needs improving

* Having satisfied customers

* Drag and more customers

* Better customer service


As one of the best international, knowledgeable, well informed prosecutors and advocates in Europe and maybe there are subsidiaries in the United States. Their vision is to spread some offices in Europe and Australia and to hire more professionalsand young lawyers.

Critical Success Factors

It is necessary to an effective IT strategy to see to make the critical success factors. The questions are: Where do we start and what must be done in order to be successful? It is imperative that the participating members have understanding, knowledge and information of the use of the system. It is imperative that the system should be organized efficiently with high quality. Therefore, it is all the time need to be updated by a bodygood customers over.

Critical success factors and provide information

* Establish an effective IT Strategy: What are the IT requirements to cover?

* Good customer service: must require customers / clients, their expectations and their experience

* Make sure that employees have experience in dealing with the system: Organizing courses for employees

* Large lawyers, attorneys and prosecutors: customer / client demands, needs and expectationsin addition to their previous experiences with co-Bull Service

* Profitability: What could be available to the company?

* Competitor and SWOT analysis: The company's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, risks, and analyze competitor situation

* Swift and fast response, if necessary, less paper work, how long must people wait?

* Happy people (of the wage and bonus well done take care of jobs) needs employees, which is possible by good leadership: What isproductivity, quality of work? How could we increase the quality and productivity of employees?

* Major infrastructure system and information system: A high-quality system internally for better communication with employees throughout the country and overseas

Part Two

Technical support (resolution)

Your company taste best for knowledge management implementation because of your inherent data driven business. The contrast is with law firms to be taken in another attackWays that not every single data, share the important needs or manages looks. Technology supports the KM in law firms in many ways. To store and organize the data for the user and electronic libraries and databases are backing up the call a few of the many possibilities.

Intranets are private networks, enabling easy and the computer terminal on the organizations interactions. It also allows the terminals to connect to the Internet. The advantages of the intranet, then the other beforebe mentioned:

* Ease of access

* Simple design

* Security and authentication

* Company wide policy

Implementation of KM at Bull & Co.

To claim, considered more pressure on the necessity of implementing KM in your company, a virtual scenario. Currently, top-level heads and lawyers have a lot of knowledge from their experiences. In many cases, by the company, the knowledge of experts addressed these is used. Thus, their knowledge is an asset for the company. Now, if a person retires or leaves the job then has the knowledge, he will walk along with him. This is not just a gap in the company's pattern, but also on their business impact.

Preservation of knowledge will ensure that in the case of a person from the company, their knowledge is still retained, and invent a situation such as "re the wheel" will not occur.

Before analysis, and implementation approach

To maximize Bull & Co> Knowledge-related efficiencies, there are four areas that should be implemented KM.

Track (1) The management functions: Mange intellectual property, incentives for the implementation of knowledge creation and sharing of knowledge focused strategy to motivate & Restructuring Operations & Organization

(2) The staff functions: Focus on lessons learned so far, knowledge of the professional resource pools & supplies understand, multi-path knowledgeDevelopment capacity

(3) The operational functions: discover and innovate constantly educate, train and retain transforming knowledge base, conduct research and development, knowledge and integrate

(4), the value of KM: Use the best knowledge, share knowledge, collaborate, and adopt the use of appropriate knowledge, best practices and offer great service and high quality (four areas of KM, Karl Wigg 1997, p. 7 inspired me to the analysis should not be implementedKM at Bull & co)

Bull & Co. to analyze their work environment prior to the development of the KM tree.
The following steps will help you create an image of your work environment.

* Take a poll to find out the information about the company.

* Find the gaps / holes in the existing work structure

* Describe the people the benefit of the organization of information.

* Develop a pilot model, to shift from legacy structure KMStructure.

* Assign roles and rights.

* Provide seminars to explain the meaning.

* Before and after the implementation of training for the users

* You can combine your organizational and individual knowledge as a result you get innovation, is the creation of knowledge through shared knowledge is possible

Technology-related analysis (strategy: codification)

There are many technologies available that can be used to implement KM. In your case, codifyingStrategy is relevant. You need a reliable, high quality of collected knowledge. You should screen each technology side by side and compare the benefits and pit falls.

* Have a great management staff takes care of the following processes such as economy, productivity, quality and KM processes

* Train the people, the layout and components, and you decide to use the technology.

* Technology is constantly changing so make sure that your design andSetup is correct flexibly to changing technologies with the other workers

* Carry is a risk analysis for IT system in your company as a result of the data and information secure.

KM tools are required, such as: Web portal: To receive the internal and external information as a document management system: For the storage, control, storage and search files and documents, help-desk application tool : It allows you to manage your company's internal & external client support, Intranet & extranet should be considered for your company.

This is important to create an insurance policy, to give knowledge on how much the implementation of KM in your company. They should develop explicit to explicit knowledge through innovation and discover new insights along with the implementation of KM, as a result will lead to a great success for Bull & co.

People to documents (strategy): development of an electronic document that codifies, stores data for reuse> Knowledge.

Economics of reuse: the reuse of software products needed to be paid. This saves labor and allows your organization to take on projects.

* The fact that people develop: Hire graduate staff, train them and change your information system.

* Let the experts come up with better solutions company, by then a reward

* To satisfy your customers by giving them good service

* Have a great policy to have a functional internal communications

* AgreeTo share seminars, courses, and encourage your knowledge of experienced staff and attorneys