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Knowledge Weekly Guide to Customer Relationship Management

December 9, 2009

Management guru Peter Drucker once said: "The future is already taking place somewhere management needs only to open our eyes to the ground and they integrate it into their business processes to serve customers."

In today's rapidly digitizing world, customer relationship management is fast gaining priority, passing the time sipping in which customers like, what the big corporate houses are offered them. Today they are looking for the best bargains, customerProduct design and sales processes.

In the digital world with comparative price comparison sites has led to the next level now, not only the people can compare the prices of different shops, but they can also apply to products on the site as e-bay offer. One of the glaring examples of the power of the people for the Christmas season, prices of Wii, Nintendo games console. Because it just waiting for the market due to high demand, the prices on E-bay has been a 20 percent premium. Also because of the coolingDetermining the initial euphoria has Apple cut the price of its iPhone by around 30 percent, so that it can increase sales.

Secondly, customer-friendly design has now taken on new dimensions, is shifted to customer-customer integrated design. More and more companies are including the views of customers in the design of the product. The most prominent example may open design submission requested by the authorities in Bangalore, India, the nearest metro project.He has asked the citizens to design that they believe best represent the culture and present the essence of Bangalore – an Indian Silicon Valley.

Finally, the customer wants to be the sale process designed as they please. This is an area where companies have to innovate the most, too. Differentiation today is not significant, and customers are clearly not satisfied – they will not stand in the checkout line, they do not want the insecurity of the Internet payment system, and above all they wantTo deal with organizations as valued set then a necessary evil.


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November 22, 2009

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