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Knowledge Process Outsourcing: A completely new kind of outsourcing

November 26, 2009

The countries that have the greatest number of established Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies, are India, Philippines and China. These countries possess extensive knowledge banks and plenty of professionals in various fields to meet the needs of the Knowledge Process companies in the U.S.. The work of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing company requires in-depth analysis and highly specialized skills.

It is estimated that> Knowledge Process Outsourcing is more prospective and will grow over the next few years. Probably the area of information technology services currently provided by Knowledge Process Outsourcing business is expanding and provides services such as intellectual property services, clinical research, legal research, business research, analytics and publishing.

Right now, we specialize Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies in theAreas of content writing and rewriting, research and development, patent research, pharmaceutical technology, equity research, market data research, database management, financial modeling, design and development in various sectors, entertainment, medical advice and services, distance learning. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and many other professions are becoming increasingly popular.

Experts from the market research industry has already evaluated allBenefits of Knowledge Process Outsourcing company produces and have started to outsource those areas in which technology and IT solutions can seriously improve the research process. The investigations are very profitable, as they are really cost effective. Even small companies can make use of it, not that they undertook to increase its budget expenditures. Hence Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a really good way to quickly increase the productivity and cost savings inthe field of market research.


8 Ways to Overcome Your Fears of Outsourcing

November 21, 2009

You've probably heard the stories: Software that does not work. Software that does the wrong thing. Money paid for the establishment of an offshore company produces that never Software. Can these outsourcing nightmares be avoided?

Of course. The key is how you manage the outsourcing of your software development.

The two biggest fears about outsourcing, I have heard from people who are afraid of selecting an outsourcing provider bad and the fear of not managing their work effectively. Let'sSuppose you choose a great team, perhaps one of the best Accelerance teams from around the world. Even then, you can still ongoing concerns have developed about your software, fast. Here are eight ways you can be your outsourcing in order to obtain reliable results.

(1) Milestone Tracking – Your plan for the swap should include some estimation and planning. The outsourced team should commit to a date for the completion of milestones. Define your milestones of development, so that theyoccur frequently and make corrections if they are not met.

(2) Requirements Tracking – Make sure that the features that you will need a properly completed in each release. You want to make sure that your users will be able to obtain maximum benefit from your software. You do not get lost or forget important details.

(3) The daily monitoring of your progress outsourcing – No news is not good news. You need regular communication with your outsourcing team. This should be almostEveryday life. They should at least have a regular e-mail or a conference call on certain days to make sure that everything goes well and that the unresolved issues do not block progress.

(4) Continuous builds – Set a system to re-compile and build your software every time a developer checks in a source file. This allows you to identify problems, since they can occur, they resolved quickly and do not lead to a delayed software release.

(5) Test-Driven Development – you should askEngineers to meet their outsourcing work unit tests on their programming. The tests should be created initially is implemented before the feature. The letter from the first test will help clarify what should you do the software. He is also building a series of regression tests to be performed later for the basic functionality of the system checked.

(6) Integration Testing and Quality Assurance – Testing of individual software modules through the outsourced developers is not enough. You must also test the whole systemto ensure that there is a high degree of functionality and quality will be experienced by your users. Comprehensive testing requires the automation of all paths to check on the user interface. A full QA process also checks the software behaves well when users make "mistakes."

(7) Collaboration for planning and problem-solving – When the engineers who are in your office, you meet only with them to resolve the problem face-to-face. Of course this is not possible if the thousands of engineers are Miles over one or more oceans. But close to the Internet, you can damned. An e-mail or instant message conversation can often solve your problems. The phone also has an extremely useful tool, and with VoIP software like Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk is the communication cost is zero. The important point is that the tools are available for long-distance collaboration a reality, and they allow an extensive use of outsourcing, to be practical.

(8)> Knowledge management and retention – set a specification for the outsourced team. Problems are corrected and clarifications made. Then the software is delivered and it works well. But what if the outsourced team leaves the picture? Will you start the software and the changes can efficiently? Yes, if you know how to write the software that won. The technical documentation describing the architecture and functionality of the software shouldcreated by you or your outsourcing team. You do not need a tome, no one will read. Easy installation and architectural documents that can facilitate learning and enable your U.S. engineers to implement and support your software are sufficient.


Believe me. You will gain peace and produce great software, if you apply these powerful techniques, to manage your outsourcing. The use of these techniques will suppress your fears and help you courageouslythe benefits of outsourcing in the new global economy.