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BLU Lesson 6: A little bit about my performance by David Gurteen

December 18, 2009

BLU Lesson 6: A little bit about my background by David Gurteen … Knowledge Management KM


Business Intelligence: Accelerate Your Business Performance

November 13, 2009

Business intelligence is the process of gathering the information from the industry. The information collected will be converted into companies with business intelligence knowledge. Business intelligence will facilitate decision-making, helps in understanding the customer taste and market trends. To the business successfully one should have the comprehensive business knowledge and understanding of our business strengths and weaknesses. Business Intelligence will be heldInto account the internal and external factors of a company.

Business Intelligence Definition

The basic definition of business intelligence, "the process of gathering information about a company or industry matter; a wide range of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data that helps companies make decisions .

Business intelligence includes

Business Intelligence (BI) includes software applications, Technologies and analytical methods, the execution data analysis. Business intelligence covers data mining, Web mining, text mining, reporting and querying, OLAP, and data visualization.

Knowledge Management is part of Business Intelligence

Knowledge management is one of the methods in the field of Business Intelligence. Knowledge Management "has been the technology and tools to define host, organize, store, and make> Knowledge "Business Intelligence is a goal that propelled the company did. The duration of the target can short period or long period.

Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software, the user can integrate and analyze. Business intelligence software allows us to explore all the business information instantly and effectively. Business intelligence helps the company to access up-to-date and accurate information onbusiness success. The recognition and understanding of business opportunities in this vast environment requires much more than an understanding of technology trends.

Powerful OLAP BI software

The most popular business intelligence tool is OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).
OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is a powerful, Business Intelligence & enterprise reporting application for small and medium-sized enterprises with the ability to fully integrate enterpriseInformation.

OLAPBrowser delivers incredible reporting power. Create global and enterprise information delivery systems, executive information Systems and personal analytical application.