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Career Gates – Soft Skills

December 19, 2009

Insight into local companies creating awareness about upcoming industries in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, calls wisdom writing career can be found on our website is found at / education / writenow. Virtual Tour of the Lehigh Valley Industry Clusters Focus on Manufacturing Focus on Logistics / Distribution Focus on Health Care Focus on Soft Skills Focus on Knowledge Technologist … Pa. Department of Labor and Industry Workforce Investment Board Society for Human Resource Management, Lehigh …


Four Major Forces Creating Change in Organizations Today – skills that managers need to

December 6, 2009

Globalization, technological change, knowledge management and cross border cooperation, four factors that create large forces to change in organizations today.

These changes affect decision making as organizations are forced to recognize that they executives who are innovative, creative visionaries, the different environments that are operating their organizations need to understand where and are able to differentiate between these differentEnvironments.

These environments are: the external, or operating environment, the competitive environment (the part of the external environment in which companies that are competing for the same market place) and the macroenvironment, which influences how the economy, government regulations, societal values demographics and technology come to bear on an organization.

With such a complex view of leaders must be equipped with the appropriate skill sets, such as flexibility,Good communication and critical thinking and negotiation skills. You must also be supported with the necessary resources to make good decisions that will benefit their organizations.


Supports Convergence in international activities, such as increasing foreign production of goods and services, increased consumer demand in emerging markets worldwide, falling barriers to international trade of rapidly changing technology, creates aglobal economy has resulted in the mutual dependence between countries as a norm today. So are the hiring practices of companies that find the best talent is to have changed because the best talent may not be resident in the home.

Companies had their recruitment, training and management practices to be calibrated to respond to this challenge will be. In a world that "Americans too often quite as pushy, manipulative come, and talkative" (David, 2007, p.291), U.S.Organizations need the culture, customs, political and legal differences with respect to the countries they operate in.

Some of these customs protocol related, such as exchange of gifts, the observance of holidays and employment law. Even taking into account international standards vary. Organizations must therefore be sensitive to these differences in the formulation of operational and human resource (HR) strategies for the implementation abroad, in this global environment it isunlikely that the companies, national policies can be applied that work at home and abroad.

Technological change:

Technology is like a double-edged sword, make our lives easier, or may be even worse. The Internet has revolutionized the way in which information is exchanged, facilitating communication and trade conducted revolutionized. The technology is rapidly changing demands and efficient management to more knowledge in these areas in order for companies to manage their resources anddevelop obtain or retain their competitive advantage.

Modern technology has enabled the company to save time and money by conducting business such as negotiation, and trade in real time, but may also facilitate the sharing of sensitive information about the practices of a company's trade secrets and the development of new products in a matter seconds.

Hackers can use the security of a company via the Internet and placed on companies in danger. Organizations have responded by completely new speciesof departments such as information technology (IT) departments by managers with titles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO), led the management of both the opportunities and risks associated with technological changes linked.

Moreover, any technology has a number of high-tech devices to help lead and facilitate the enterprises in the procurement and management of information generated worldwide in constant contact with their employees what the communications and decisions immediately. This can be both a blessing and a source of stress for managers and executives who have to learn to manage their selection and use of these devices. In a global economy in knowledge management technology can

Knowledge Management

Driving forces such as changes in buyer demographics and preferences, technology, product innovation and market changes in society, consumer attitudes and lifestyle require new ideas. This has created a need for knowledge workers.

> Knowledge workers of a company include intellectual capital and the creative people with new ideas and problem-solving capacity exists. Managing knowledge assets a company can have a competitive advantage because they are effectively the expertise, skill, intellect, uses, and the relations of the members of the organization.

For example a company's strategic management efforts can be significantly improved if the knowledge that resides within their international talent pool isknock at the source, as a manager, is "closer to the Earth" and a part of local culture might be better able to sense changes in the environment than one who does not.

He motivates the knowledge of workers and reward from both internal and external resources leading to a reassessment organizations and their benefits and compensation practices and to change, perhaps even re-define the traditional viewpoint of the employer-employee relationship into something new, like a Company – ContractorModel, for example.

Cross-border Collaboration

An important part of knowledge management is the effective management of enterprise-wide collaboration. Use of appropriate technologies and applications such as virtual private networks, VoIP, email, social networking sites like Face Book, and company-sponsored blogs may be the communication between an organization and its stakeholders to facilitate and help in various kinds of internal and externalcollaborative processes. An example of a tool that can be used in cross-section to cross borders cooperation could be an easily accessible online database that provides a central source of information for employees, customers or suppliers.

Managing in the 21st Century

In the 21 Century, change is the rule rather than the exception, and managers must be able to engage them. You need to evolve to be able to:

A vision and able to communicate them to their organizations
An orientationTo serve
An entrepreneurial mindset
The commitment to continuous innovation
A global mindset
Simple and reliable technology with
Expertise in systems thinking (a comprehensive view of the relationship of parts of a company, rather than a narrow view that focuses on a part or an event.)
A sense of ethics and appreciation of spirituality in the workplace
A commitment to continuous learning, personal and professional development

To respond effectively to the four majorForces to create change in today's global economy, leaders must be willing to make changes, they have curious and grateful for the richness and diversity of other cultures. This must trust-worthy and flexible, and they must cope with very strong time management, communication, conflict management, problem-solve and people skills to effectively address these drivers of change.


David, Fred R. (2009). Strategic Management, Concepts andCases, 11th ed. (P. 291). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Ruth M. Tappin

© 2009

Time Management Skills Build Your KASH Box for sustainable change

November 24, 2009

Is your inability to manage time Empty financially, mentally, physically and emotionally? Perhaps the problem is not so much as knowledge and skills but attitudes and habits.

Do you have a time management training has been? Are you still with the knowledge and skills? For many, gained new knowledge and skills in most of the time management training is lost within six to twelve months. The reason more often than notAttitudes and habits.

How long were you a slave to time? For many, the answer is usually years. Then, as you can expect a day or two or even three days time management training program for many years to change habits or behavior? Simply put, it is not.

Behavior, the physical evidence of a positive attitude or negative attitudes, which were driven by beliefs. For example, if you believe that you and only you can handle certain situations, thenwill always be a slave to time. Well, what would happen if you do not show up tomorrow, again for the job? The company would fall apart? Probably not the answer in 95% of cases.

Another behavior that becomes a habit, is the inability to say no, you know how to say no, but you do not choose to do. So, again, the master and you are the slave.

Would this charge to your KASH Box along with everyone else stop? Then learn to focus on the development of the necessary settings Focusand habits for time management success.

PS KASH Box for sustainable change is K = knowledge, A = Options S = Skills; H = Habits KASH which is supported by a change in the drawer that the positive return on investment "change behavior when considers the wellbeing of individuals .

Management Skills does during a recession

November 13, 2009

The fear has prevailed in the hope and the economic recession is now a new global reality. While there are many ways to deal with it – and you would like to have one proven method is to empower with knowledge. In good times a little knowledge is not dangerous, but enough bad times, knowledge may not be sufficient. For professionals in technology and management, is the recession period for review and expand them sharpen their skills. While we dous, we also recommend it for those who care.

IT and financial consultant and manager who has been in a very safe position to the maximum uncertainty in the global recession subject. IT cost reduction is usually the top priority for companies qualifying rounds. No doubt, the average hourly rates for IT Consulting Project Managers have come drastically. In addition to have stiff competition from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China), and Southeast Asian countries spoil the party, and made the competition very tough. It is now possible to hide a crib or analyze the cause to search.

While it makes sense to survive by all means, even if it seeks funds for inferior (in a relative sense) work and work in different time zones, but that does not guarantee peace and fulfillment in life. So what's the solution? Sharpening the personal skills and take precedence over time is a sure shot recipe for success.

Project> Management Professional (PMP) certification is a globally recognized skills of recruiters after they saw in those days. It can be difficult to explore and pursue managerial acumen judges by questioning or certification benchmarks, but certainly helps. Many companies now also search globally recognized certification as a prerequisite for the setting. PMP exam is a four-hour examination, which reveals the candidates true ability as a successful project manager.

Six Sigma is aProcess of monitoring the quality of the technology, which is adapted from the top companies in the design and significantly improve the quality of processes. It is equally applicable in manufacturing and services sectors. There are very few accredited institutions throughout the world, which tests for different levels of Six Sigma, Certification.

Other specialized skills for IT professionals are software testing, software estimation on Function Point Analysis, Microsoft based projects, and the management of ITInfrastructure. All these have set standards and accept standard certificates.

On the basis of individual skill, taste and career vision, you can surely come with the right skills and proper certification, not just a chance for a better job of illuminating, but also to a great career growth. For more free information and certification requirements can be found found at PMP consultants Gateway