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OEB 2008 Keynote Speech: Norbert Bolz Part 1 of 3

December 15, 2009

OEB '08, Keynote Speech "From Knowledge to Management Identity Management" by Prof. Norbert Bolz, the Technical University of Berlin, Germany


Let's speech on slavery with slavery adumbrate in our organization

November 23, 2009

AFFAIRS (Formerly Guardian's Office) POWER MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS PROSPERITY MAGAZINE psychiatric hospitals of AMERICA SURVIVORS SUPPORT GROUP Psychiatry. A Public Warning Real CRUSADE WORLD CORP. OF RELIGION Religious Technology Center (RTC) Scientology Missions International (SMI Int) SilhoueT HOLLAND (Europe) SINGER CONSULTANTS SOCIAL Coordination Committee (South Africa) STELLAR STERLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT STOMP (Stop Torture of Mental Patients) Stryker SYSTEMS INC U -…