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Time Management Skills Build Your KASH Box for sustainable change

November 24, 2009

Is your inability to manage time Empty financially, mentally, physically and emotionally? Perhaps the problem is not so much as knowledge and skills but attitudes and habits.

Do you have a time management training has been? Are you still with the knowledge and skills? For many, gained new knowledge and skills in most of the time management training is lost within six to twelve months. The reason more often than notAttitudes and habits.

How long were you a slave to time? For many, the answer is usually years. Then, as you can expect a day or two or even three days time management training program for many years to change habits or behavior? Simply put, it is not.

Behavior, the physical evidence of a positive attitude or negative attitudes, which were driven by beliefs. For example, if you believe that you and only you can handle certain situations, thenwill always be a slave to time. Well, what would happen if you do not show up tomorrow, again for the job? The company would fall apart? Probably not the answer in 95% of cases.

Another behavior that becomes a habit, is the inability to say no, you know how to say no, but you do not choose to do. So, again, the master and you are the slave.

Would this charge to your KASH Box along with everyone else stop? Then learn to focus on the development of the necessary settings Focusand habits for time management success.

PS KASH Box for sustainable change is K = knowledge, A = Options S = Skills; H = Habits KASH which is supported by a change in the drawer that the positive return on investment "change behavior when considers the wellbeing of individuals .