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Creativity Management: the role of knowledge

December 5, 2009

What do creativity managers?

Replace the word management with the word optimization.

This is what to do creative manager: you can optimize the quality of the idea pool) (creativity) and the implementation (innovation.

There are many methods of optimization and creativity guide to all of them need to know, in other words, he or she must synthesise them for optimal effect.

] Areas [within creativity that involve the administration need motivationOrganizational culture, organizational structure, incremental to radical effects and processes, knowledge mix, group structures, goals, procedures and valuation methods.

] Areas [within innovation that require control, are the following idea selection, development / prototyping and the art of marketing.

It is worth noting that 4000 good ideas lead to 4 development, which in turn donated to 1.

The role of knowledge

Knowledge MixInfluences creativity output. There are many ways to look at it.

First, in-depth knowledge in an area that has increased the likelihood of a breakthrough or is likely to cause blinkered vision? Another way to look at it, can make an individual without the knowledge in one area an important contribution to it?

There are lots of interesting data, for example, the most valuable creative product on about ten years of the commitment of an individual in a domain. AlthoughPeer influence is reduced, new, diverse and valuable products tend to settle earlier.

Secondly, how to maximize our level of implicit knowledge? Tacit knowledge is all that) was not easy to be coded (explicit knowledge and involves experience, intuition and the like. Tacit knowledge makes a much larger part of the knowledge base. The solutions include the use of frameworks, the creation of networks, collaboration, bridging, and so on.

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Kal Bishop, MBA


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Effective management through leadership

November 25, 2009

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management skills to our profession and managers in industry, commerce, sport considered it essential, and even social settings. The goal is the same wherever it is found that a group toward a common goal or set of stated objectives. The basic leadership and management skills can be learned in textbooks in the form of training or studies, despite the best learning comesthrough their professional experience.

Effective leadership: Everyone Working Together

It is only possible to truly appreciate the complexity involved and the skills of effective leadership in guiding a group that through the exercise of leadership and management in this area. Which is following the leader in many different ways with different abilities, motivations, personalities and tastes. Everyone is different, but it is important that they work together. AEffective leadership is able to bind the group together in any setting, sports, school, at work or socially.

Companies need effective leaders to ensure their success. Therefore, we have many companies send their executives on leadership and management courses to be found. Even with extensive experience should benefit from refresher courses. This helps to motivate and channel managers their experience and knowledge in a positive wayin the promotion of their surroundings.

Effective leadership is also important in the schools, the teachers need leadership and management skills to go about their work to best effect. It is important that they motivate the students, they can encourage them to learn to recognize and learning from the problems and challenges. The students must come from the various issues that are excited presented to them to enable them to retain that knowledge and learning. If not, the Teacher will let them down – have an onerous responsibility.

Effective team leaders for sports teams are also needed, without having them crushed the morale and the team will be working as a bunch of individuals. This may possibly be related to the poor performance against a number of less skilled individuals, but collectively as a successful team organizes known.

Leadership and Preparedness

All the above examples show us where leadership and> Management courses can help us. They support us in preparing for the fly decisions to make, and responsive to the circumstances. They show us how our collective power is unleashed only through the co-ordinated team action, focusing our energy positively toward common goals. We can train ourselves as a good preparation of State and Government, for any eventuality. By preparing for the worst that can happen, we are also preparing for success.

Stress Relief Stress therapy through knowledge and stress tests

November 14, 2009

Several years ago my wife and I conducted research into students who had significant reading problems. We were concerned that there could be a positive correlation between reading underachievement and increased stress. This seemed to be an area that no one had cared about in their research. The link between reading disabilities and emotional well-being, especially stress, it seems to have been obvious. We identified a cohort of fourth graders who had a serious readingDisability, and we measured their stress with a 'self-report "system, ie, a pencil and paper survey.

This was a study with a socially beneficial result. We note with pleasure that were at least in this sample of boys in this school, while the boys were particularly significant underachievers in reading, their stress normal and does not Stress Relief Program was not necessary.

I firmly believe in careful and frequent measurement of stress in my patients.How else can I know if my stress reduction therapy works? I do not know anyone who does not want to reduce their stress? Do you think that your results would agree with a self-report instrument? The answer – "Yes." You can measure your own stress how easy and reliable as a psychologist, how good you feel, you can use your level of depression and anxiety and so on. If people will vote to begin to understand themselves and to the variations in their "wellness", they canReport reliable. After all, emotional well-being is a personal and subjective business, is not it?

There are also other physiological stress testing programs – blood and urine analysis. Both require medical analysis and the chemical of interest is cortisol. It seems clear evidence that cortisol increased with mental stress. There is little doubt that as you increase your stress, there are to increases in physiological responses. These include increased heart rate,Blood pressure, hot flushes, skin changes and so on. For many people, you have a headache and migraine and the associated radiation.

If you are even under stress tests – go online! There are many online tests from almost nothing. Unfortunately, one would never know how reliable are these tests. I use a 10-item stress test to understand how my customers feel about their level of stress and anxiety. If we use this test several times over a period of months, we can change both the length of the customerChanges in mood. To the difficult task of managing stress, I have to check that my stress reduction therapy works.

When I evaluate stress patients before the introduction of stress reduction programs, I wonder if the people feel, was anxious and excited when they have noticed changes in the sleeping and eating, whether they feel refreshed after sleep, to relax , feel physically ill, are inattentive and unproductive, and mood swings. These reactions can be divided into four main categories:Physiological and physical reactions, emotional reactions, interpersonal reactions and cognitive reactions.

I think it is important to know my patients to a level of stress. The more you know, the easier it is to manage the stress and anxiety. I think we should know and understand "the enemy". A high level of stress, stressed out, experiencing burnout are symptoms of a system, the disorderly and unproductive. Small amounts of stress can be very helpful for us, butExcessive stress is seriously disabling. Therefore, we need information about stress. We need to know how we are stressed out. We must be able to identify stressors.

To get the best out of stress reduction therapy, we need to know how they react to stress. I have identified 15 ways that people usually react to stress. The trick is to choose the responses and stress management strategies, the best and fastest. Life is too short to waste precious time overmiserable.

Unfortunately, stress often interferes with relationships, because we feel tense, anxious and worried. The sad part of this is that the best form of social stress reduction should be supported. The ability to share our feelings with a friend or loved one, reduces stress and tension. And it costs nothing. A trouble shared is often a trouble halved. Of course, sometimes the questions are more difficult to handle. A good example is the recent problems experienced by many people inRegard to home loans and mortgage foreclosures. These and other heavy loads, you need professional help.

It is my hope that this information on stress and stress reduction can help. Of course, these short articles like icebergs – we can cover a small amount of the issue, but there is still much below the surface and requires a deeper reading and study. My final point is that the more you know about your personal psychology, mental health, stress and anxiety, the morecan take over your life, ease and successfully cope with stress.