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Wealth Management

December 12, 2009 you ever been given as a sum of money or a raise and then wondered where the money go? If this is to see that you, this video and learn why your money is Houdini. Most people want financial free, if this sentence is hidden in concepts such as assets, debt free, I want to live comfortably and sometimes luck. But a common misconception is the idea that you will earn more money to maintain and these wishes. In school we are …


Our Approach to Wealth Management

December 4, 2009

Collins & Company Wealth Management Process is unmistakable. We begin with a discovery process, the core of what our customers are anxious that must contribute its wealth management strategy – both personally and financially. Specific results proven methods of collection and synthesis of knowledge about what means most of the individuals or foundations to a solid, safe investment. Personalized, hands-on service. Continuous communication. Focused attention on each client …